How To Change Email Address on Gmail

Google Mail is one of the most popular electronic mail services owned by Google according to Google’s statement more than 1000+ new Gmail users per day create their email addresses on Google Mail. But sometimes mistakenly create the wrong email address or mismatch the name and email address on Gmail.

Now the question is after registering an email address on Google Mail can you change your username or email address the answer is YES. Google allows emailing users to edit their usernames and email addresses.

How it’s Works 

You can change your email address on Google Mail by following given below step by step guides.

Change Email Address In Gmail 

Step 1 :

Login into you’re Gmail Account

Step 2:

Go to the Account Setting by (Gear Icon at the right upper corner)

Step 3:

Now select “Account and Import”

Step 4:

Go to the option “Send Mail as”

Step 5:

Now Change your email address and after changing the Save account settings

You can only change your Google mail address if it’s not taken by other Gmail users. If it’s taken by some other user you can add some number after your changing email address which is allowed by Google.