How To Change Facebook Page Name

Facebook Page one of the best things to get followers if own a website or some kind of business. Currently, more than a billion Facebook users own their personal Facebook page.

So when you’ve created your own Facebook page you’ve had to select a category of your Facebook such as Entertainment, Artist, Business and Music etc.

After that, you’ve to select the name of your Facebook page and that was a most confusing task to do. But sometimes when you create your Facebook page you’ve confused and not pick theright name for your page.

Changing Facebook Page Name

You’ve probably thinking changing facebook page name was one of the confusing tasks and you’ve don’t know the proper way to change the name of your Facebook page.

In this article, we show you how you can easily change your Facebook page through step-by-step guides.

Step 1 

Login to your Facebook account and switch with your Facebook page.

Step 2 : 

On your Facebook page, Go to the About tab and see a right side you see Name and Click on the Edit link


Step 3 : 

In Request, New Page Name pop-up windows, Enter the new of your Facebook page and hit Continue button.

Step 4 : 

Your name changing request was sent successfully if you show this window

Now when you’ve complete all 4 steps which mean you’ve successfully sent a request to the Facebook support team for changing your Facebook page name. As you see on the above screenshot Facebook Team will review your request for changing the Facebook page.

In this same manner, you can also change your Facebook page web address. Just again go to your Facebook page About tab on your right side you see the web address of your FB page. Click on the Edit link and replace the old web address with the new one.