How To Change PayPal Business Account To Personal

PayPal one of the most popular online money transfer service. It’s available almost more than half world for online money transfer. However, Paypal offer its user to have two accounts types Business Account and Personal Account. A PayPal business account used to sell online products while PayPal personal account used to pay money into the bank account.

A business account offers more feature compare to a personal account and allow you to sell items online using a brand. So, if you don’t need a business account and want to downgrade your PayPal business account to a personal account. Change PayPal Business Account To Personal To that, you’ve to contact the Paypal Customer Support using a phone call you can easily change businesses account to a personal account in Paypal.

Change PayPal Business Account To Personal In 5 Steps

Follow the steps by steps guides to change Paypal account type in few minutes.

Step 1 : 

Login into your PayPal account using your Email Address and Password.

Step 2 : 

Click on Email Tab, and select My Account and then select “Changing The Account Type”.

Step 3 : 

Now select “Downgrade My Account” as a message subject.

Step 4 : 

Type the message to Paypal Customer Support team asking PayPal to switch your account from business to personal.

Step 5 : 

Hit “Submit” button, Paypal will send an email or message in two or three business days for confirmation that your Paypal account status has been changed.

However, we recommend you to use Paypal to the credit card to bank transfer your money because of its best and secured online money transfer service providers.