Cancel EA Access Subscription on Xbox In 5 Steps

What is EA Access Subscription?

The EA Access is the all-inclusive subscription from Electronic Arts. Which is one of the most popular and leading game industry in the game console universe.

With the help of the EA Access membership starting for $4.99 per month, you can get access to different games produced by EA along with other benefits such as Store discount.

If you’re thinking the EA Access Subscription is not worthy of your money and you want to terminate or cancel the EA Access subscription on your Xbox Console. Well, don’t you can easily cancel the subscription of EA Access if you know the proper steps.

Cancel EA Access Subscription (Complete Steps)

Microsoft doesn’t offer any way to cancel EA Access Subscription. So you’ve to cancel your subscription through EA official websites.

For this, you’ve to disable the auto-renewal from your EA account settings. We take you through complete steps to disable auto-renewal of EA Access subscription in this article.

Things To Know Before Cancelling EA Access

There are some important points to consider before you cancel your EA Access Subscription.

  • If you Cancel EA Access Membership, You’ll lose access to all benefits of EA services.
  • After cancelling you cannot able to access Game Trials & Discounts.
  • All the Games form the Vault will be removed.
  • Any other relevant point to consider.

Disable Auto-Renewal  For EA-Access

So as you know Microsoft doesn’t offer any direct method to cancel the subscription using the game console. For this you have to manually disable the auto-renewal for the EA Access Membership for your account.

Here is the steps to cancel the auto-renewal of EA Access

1. Go to the Microsoft Account and login into your account.

2. Now, Navigate to the EA Access Subscirption from the settings.

3. Click on the Manage button.

4. Select the Turn off Auto-Renewal

5. After this step, click on the Confirm button.

In case if you wanted to reactivited the EA Access Subscription then you can easily reenable it using these steps. To again enjoy the benefits of the service offered by the EA Access.

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