25+ Best Weather App For iPhone

So, which is one of the best weather apps for iPhone? Well, the weather is an amazing thing in itself, it changes from time to time, and with it, a person’s mood changes and cravings develop too.

A lot of people nowadays are legit weather geeks and depend a lot upon the weather and what changes will come in the weather hence weather forecasting is very important nowadays and more important is for it to access with a single touch.

Some Best Weather App For iPhone To Use

For people like these, presenting a few truly amazing weather apps which will blow your mind.

1. AccuWeather

AccuWeather iPhone

Now first and foremost reason for you to use this app is, if you are a weather fanatic, it’s a very easy app to use. The second reason is, if you ride a motorcycle, you are always eyeballing the weather, what so ever is going to happen that very day and you plan.

Accordingly, if you are planning ahead while you are on your bike and you want to know what the weather is gonna look like in the future, this is the perfect app you must have.

Last but not least if you are an outdoor type of person and you don’t want to get stuck in the rain or bad weather or something like that in general.

While you are out then this is a perfect app because it will tell you what is going on in the future within the hour.

This app also has an attractive feature where it will show the moon and beautiful effects related to it during the night time and simultaneously the effect will change with the change in time, from midnight to early morning to morning to noon to afternoon, and then repeat.

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2. Weather Channel


This app is mainly designed for the iPhone to give you the most accurate possible weather updates so that you can have a smooth and functioning day. Whether you are planning a run now or a few hours from now or you’re planning a hiking trip for the upcoming weekend.

This app helps you plan everything ahead so that you will know exactly what it feels like to what so ever destination you want to visit. You can just swipe through your favorite locations or just type and search for them for access to the weather in the places that you want to know.

It’ll give you severe weather updates so that you be prepared for the upcoming weather as they might be a threat to you and your family.

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3. Storm App

Strom App

This app is free on the app store and iTunes. The app is a part of a weather company that is it is developed by one of the weather companies may be so that their information or the information provided by their channel reaches a large number of people in a really handy way.

Basically, this app is another level easy to use, as it gives you all the updates about a specific place at a specific time and it can be shared too. All in all, it’s a great companion for the weather channel.

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4. Weather Me

Weather Me

This app is absolutely free and has a pro version as well for the in-app purchase purpose which basically just removes ads but mainly what is actually important is, this app focuses on all the key points that a weather geek would look up.

This app will definitely help you with your day-to-day event-stated workflow and things like that.

With its help of it, you can plan your day ahead as well because it is extremely accurate and no issues are found in this app says personal as well as a lot of people’s experiences and reviews.

The forecast this app provides for the further or the next day is pretty spot on which is kind of rare.

Because the weather changes are super fluctuating and it is really tough for those algorithms to come in there and catch those changes in weather but this app does a really good job.

With the pro version of this app, you can get alerts from everywhere and without the pro version, you won’t get the forecast alert until and unless it’s a national alert.

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5. Dark Sky Weather

Dark Sky App

This app goes to a high level than a simple high-level summary of a day’s forecast. It offers a hyper-local forecast for your exact location. But down to the minute notifications about changing weather conditions. It is accurate to the core of a shining ray of light in the storm of weather apps.

This is a third-party weather app aggregating data from a wide range of sources. It basically means that instead of relying on a single source for the forecast of the data, this app combines multiple weather sources to determine the most accurate weather prediction.

It offers a very handy and friendly detailed weather graph, a 24-hour forecast, and a very creatively designed 7-day outlook. It’s one of the best weather apps for iPhone

This app constantly updates the next-hour forecast, highlighting when precipitation will start or stop. Additionally, 24-hour tracking gives an easy-to-understand visual idea of when to expect what kind of weather.

Basically, this app gives you accurate data at accurate timings which eases up your schedule and makes it one of the best apps.

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6. Today Weather

today weather

This app allows you to your self change the theme from light to dark as per your recommendation. As soon as you open the app, the first thing you will see is the temperature which will be displayed according to the location of your phone which is used either by default or by customization.

Then you’ll see the location and type of weather whether it is sunny or cloudy or what so ever. Below that you will find a 24-hour weather forecast with the specific timings in there.

This app also provides a detailed section where it provides you legit minute details about the weather and then it will display the 7-day weather forecast and lastly the precipitation section.

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7. Yahoo Weather

Yahoo Weather

Now when you launch this app it will directly tell you the temperature as well as an animated depiction of the weather just to make it look attractive. For example, if it is raining, the screen shows rain dropping to a line segment and then those drops become a segment on the line.

This one is exactly similar to today’s weather, you will find each and every section of these apps the same from section-wise descriptions to weather updates and everything else.

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8. 1 Weather

1 Weather app

As you launch this application, the first thing that you will find new will be the precipitation section which will be exactly where it should be.

Apart from that when you scroll down you will come across an ad that is not static but a video ad and every time you come across the application you will see a video ad. So, which makes it the best weather app for iPhone and iPad.

This app is though very bulky and as you scroll the app you will see multiple ads so this is a certain drawback that there are too many things and then ads as well.

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9. Clean Weather

Weather App

As per the name, the UI of the application is really very clean. At the topmost part, it will show you the chances of precipitation and then you will find the actual temperature than the maximum and minimum temperature as well. Then as you move down you will get more details about wind, precipitation, humidity, etc.

Below that, you will get the 24-hour weather forecast which will actually be represented in form of icons where you can tap any one of them to get a little bit more detail about the weather at that point in time. Then you will have the 7-day weather forecast and then the wind and pressure details.

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10. Foreca Weather

forcea weather app

As you open the app you first get the weather of your location and two more locations as per their distance from the weather station. The app displays the weather forecast on day to day basis and also shows hourly weather forecasts.

The app also shows the hourly weather forecast in a horizontal graph form which is kind of interesting, and attractive and makes the app stand out in an even way. It’s one of the best weather apps for iPhone to use.

If you have to plan something for the future, you can just go to that particular day and it will show you each and every detail of that particular day so that you can plan your day with ease.

This app is quite very original as it has a few features that make it stand out in a certain way which no app has done before. It’s a very well thought layout in all.

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11. Overdrop Weather


This is one of the cleanest weather apps. As soon as you open the app you will get straightforward information about temperature, precipitation, hourly weather, what it feels like, and the wind speed.

The hourly weather section also includes three sections, temperature, wind, and rain, and summing temperature and rain are quite important factors for a weather forecast app.

If you looking up for more details, then you gotta click on the symbol that appears on the top right of the screen, and it opens a drop-down giving you options for the information you want.

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12. Weather

Yahoo Weather App

Now, this app holds mixed opinions in people’s minds. In the first instance, the app looks pretty neat but it’s kind of difficult to fetch the information from the app.

Initially, on the top, the temperature of the current time will be displayed, and then just below it, you will see your daily forecast section with different tabs like wind, precipitation, rain, etc.

On the bottom line, you will see different kinds of dots, further, you gotta tap on them and a page will open where you will find details of the weather in black background and white text which could have been better.

Now one strange thing is that the weather shows icons of the sun in the initial hours of the day and further for any day of the time the app just shows dots.

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13. Weather Radar Live

Hurricane Tracker App

This app used to be in the google play store but now it is not so to download it, you gotta search it over browsers or just the app store. Just when you open the application it gives you a very brief view of what the weather is at that time including temperature, wind, and humidity where precipitation could also have made place but has not.

Below that you will see the forecast for the next four hours from the current timing. Further, if you tap on it, it will open a page with minute details about the weather of that hour. You can swipe right and you will be able to access weather details for the next 48 hours including precipitation.

You can access the weather for the next 15 days by swiping left. The app is not very descriptive in words but in symbols which makes it quite interesting and quick, which is less time-consuming. One of the most powerful features of this app is its icon sets in detail as well.

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14. NOAA

Weather Radar USA

This app provides accurate hourly reporting. It is able to offer a real-time animated radar image and severe weather conditions, making it one of the best weather apps for your phone and this one works for android too.

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15. Emergency Weather App

Weather Alerts

This app offers forecasts during unruly weather. This one is developed by the American red cross society and is a lifesaver at the time of a disaster.

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16. Carrot Weather

Carrot Weather

This is an incoming weather app and is available for 4.99 dollars in the app store with in-app purchases to unlock more features for 11.99 dollars per year.

This one relies heavily on humor to give you an entertaining experience when you first opened the app, it speaks a bit about a meat bag which is sort of irrelevant.

The interface of the app is quite nice and you can access graphs, data, and details by scrolling through. You can get information about the next day, or maybe the next 7 days. This app is in all a more humorous app than the data and interface.

It has a nice and clean radar which is quite likable but to access a lot of features you have to pay a sum of money per year in addition to the ones you give for purchasing the app.

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17. Accuweather Platinum

Weather Forecast App

This app for 2.99 dollars offers pretty much everything and certainly more you can ask for in a weather app. It provides detailed current conditions, hourly forecasts which are again pretty accurate, forecasts stretching for up to three weeks, animated radar maps, and Tv style video forecasts.

It even provides a minute-by-a-minute forecast and exact locations. Its design is clean and even fits in with android’s native design language and it includes informative and attractive home screen widgets too.

This version contains no ads unlike the free version of the app that is AccuWeather which has obnoxious ads. With this app, you can also have your temperature and its details permanently on the phone’s notification tray as well as provides push notifications for severe weather conditions.

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18. Weather Widget

Accu Weather

It is the default weather app and widget. It is simple and minimal. Just to add up a little spice to the looks of this app. It is really worth a try. This weather app is accurate and provides all the weather details for the day with details like sunrise, wind, ozone, etc.

The main highlight of the widget. You get a variety of cool-looking widgets base furthermore you can also change the units as by your preference from the settings menu.

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19. Weather Life

Weather Life App

Whether life is a little bit complicated but at the same time, it is just very attractive in the way it is. The graphics this app offers are something like the background set according to the weather happening that particular time and then the display of the temperature, wind, rain, and cloud is just above it. It is the best weather app for iPhone

Overlapping the screen with a very big circular dial which is sort of translucent so that both the information and the background are visible to you. You do get variations according to the change in temperature and location.

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20. TWN


This one is a little bit better for some of the people who like weather forecasts and things like that. You can see a 14-day weather forecast on it and 36 hours detailed forecast with hourly segregation.

This app provides information for rain, wind, and cloud mainly in symbols, and gives alerts for extreme weather conditions. It is quite straightforward but not as clean as the other ones.

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21. Weather Underground

Weather Underground

Now, this app has a login option and a membership thing as well. You can just restore your account any time you download this app, even after a particular time span and just by logging in, you’ll get the app back just as it was before.

Other than that, it has all those features of showing up the temperature, precipitation, radar, wind, etc. 24-hour forecast, the forecast for the next 7 days, etc. It’s one of the best weather apps for iPhone

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22. Weather Bug

weatherbug app

This app can be downloaded from iTunes. It will show you all the basics and advances starting from the current weather of your current location and the locations you have saved like maybe the places you are planning to go or maybe the places your loved ones live. You can even use A map for selecting a particular country to check out its weather.

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23. Radar Scope

Radar Scope

This is a very unique app and these are basically for Conrad. Very intelligent and intellectual people like the army people use radar systems in order to protect people. This is one of the best weather apps for iPhone the app basically works on the radar perfectly.

Its official website is categorized into two sections, radar scope for recreation and dissipate and the other one is radar scope for business. You can take a survey of this app via the radar academy and then decide what you want to use.

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24. Haze

Local Haze

This app is again a very good app with very soothing and subtle graphics. If the temperature is very high it appears to be reddish and if it is too cold it appears to be bluish and similar further for different conditions.

It Shows 7 days forecast having more emphasis on graphics and each day shows everything from wind, precipitation, etc. in graphic forms.

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25. Yowindow


This app contains the best graphics of all and gives a very realistic feel and vibe to the app. You can just swipe over the screen to check out weather changes and conditions over time. As you swipe and if any weather change comes up, the graphics will change accordingly.

The app again shows up everything from precipitation, temperature, wind, humidity, etc. It’s one of the best weather apps for iPhone.

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I hope this information about various best Weather App for iPhone is best for understanding without having a hassle.

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