20 Best Online Guitar Lessons (Apps & Websites)

Looking for some of the best online guitar lessons apps or websites that offer. Free or paid lessons to learn guitar ticks and much more.

In this article, we’ve listed some of the most popular websites and apps to learn guitar lessons using your mobile phone or PC with stable internet connectivity.

1. Guitar Tuna

Best Online Guitar Lessons

This app is mainly for beginners who do not have a tuner or a clip tuner and like starting off. This is like a really cool app and works on your mobile phones and ios but works even better if used on an iPad or a tab.

If you have a guitar this one will do it, you just open the app and just strike a note on your guitar and the app will guess and indicate the note you put and which will be super easy and a really long-lasting way to do so.

As you learn by practicing only where you make up a lot of mistakes and learn from them and there’s truly no better way to learn things either. It also has an active membership thing with a musician. If you get the premium one, you can also have a musician with you to help you out.

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2. iReal Pro

guitar lessons online

Now, this app has thousands and thousands of charts. This one is great for learning how to play jazz, it takes 9.99 $ for the premium version and it gives you the ability to change the tempo and key of a tune.

This has back-in, inbuilt tracks as well so that you can learn with ease and confirm perfection.

The tempo and key tune help you discover new tunes with each having a pace of its own. When you will play any inbuilt track on the app, it will light up on the chord you have to play so that you learn it your way.

You can take out what so ever instrument you want to play or the bass for the guitar or anything. This is a very user-friendly and good app. Well, it’s one of the best online guitar lesson apps for everyone.

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3. Ultimate Guitar

guitar lessons

This one is quite popular and almost every person who aspired to guitar must have known this app. This is a great app if you are looking to get the chords and lyrics to a song. This is a user-based platform so it’s not super perfect but is highly accessible.

Quite a lot of songs are wrong, people don’t post the right chords for some of the songs, etc., though some of them are and for better working, they are rated as well.

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4. Drum loops HD

online guitar lessons

This is just awesome. It’s a real drummer, Steve Gadd, he also sponsors it and you have it broken down. The loops are broken down under style, BPM, and different parameters. You have a lot of style options available on in here like pop-rock, funk, etc.

You get modern loops in the jazz thing. You can change the tempo and then there is also a setting where you can set it up with your digital audio workstation. This online guitar lessons platform will help you out.

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5. Music Memos

online guitar lesson

Now music memos are kind of like using voice memos on your phone but with this one, it will actually assess what you are doing and it will give you a backing track to play with bass and etc. While you play the waves would assess the chords that you play according to whatever set you to play.

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6. Voice Memo

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This app is completely free and comes with apple. This one charges 9.99 $ for its premium where it provides all, sorts of chords and bass, changing tempo, etc. It’s one of the best online guitar lesson apps used by professional users.

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7. Metronome Pro

online guitar school

This is a great metronome. You can set a lot of metronomes on your own from this, you can set the tempo to increase every number of bars as per your requirements which makes it customizable according to you, which basically means you can compose your own stuff setting up your own practice lesson. It is very easy to use and is like a one-click thing.

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8. Amazing Slowdowner

electric guitar lessons

This app is being used for years by people out there. If you are someone who has tunes on Spotify and you want to slow the song down, you want to pick loops.

You just have to go and selected a song from your Spotify playlist and then you can pick loop points, can slow down, and do anything with the tune so as to play it according to you and practice the way you want.

It is like really easy to use, you can change the pitch and use it the way you want. You can tune up or tune down and do it anyway.

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9. Amplitube

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This one requires you to have the hardware. You can use the iRig and just plug it into there and then this one turns your phone or your iPad into a great practice tool.

So, you can just use headphones, use amps, songs, and tunes, and play along with the songs. The app slows it down and you have all these different chords available.

Which you can use to put up your music. You can also go up with the premium stuff where it gives you a metronome and etc. It’s the best online guitar lessons app that features like that.

The quality is just amazing and this one is a great tool to practice with and in all a great app you must have for learning stuff and enjoying it to the core.

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10. Guitarist Reference

best beginner guitar lessons

This is a really cool app, say you want to learn a tune and you don’t know what chord it is, you’re playing something or writing something but you don’t know what chord it is, so you can just get onto this app to find out.

So you just gotta go on there and you just click on the notes that you are playing on your guitar, you gotta play them on your device and the app is going to tell you what chord it is which you are playing.

This app while helping you learn guitar is also informative so that you have deep knowledge of the thing you are learning and do not miss out on any point of it because complete knowledge is really important.

It has different modes and tunings where you can learn advanced things and enhance what you play. So in all, it is an awesome app with too many settings to choose from.

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11. Drum Beats Plus

Drum Beats Plus

Instead of using a boring metronome, what is more, likable nowadays is practicing on beats which this app provides at its best. The sounds here are choir realistic and are a fun app to learn and play stuff.

You can choose the speed and style to buck up your rhythm game. It’s the best online guitar lessons app that I personally recommend.

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12. Polytune


This one is a polyphonic tuner so it will cut drastically the time you have to spend tuning your guitar. This thing is basically that you strum all strings and then it tells you exactly which one is out of tune and then you can just go ahead and tune it and then just like that start playing it and practicing stuff.

The app is less professional than the paddle and clip but then too is very very useful for learning stuff at a good level and then you can just move further with more stuff.

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13. Guitar Toolkit

GuitarToolkit app

This is a great all-around app. It lets you, first of all, it is a very fast tuner and works great even with bass that had a lot of tuners struggle with but anyway you have just about any scale that you want, you can learn any scale and see not major and minor but really like all kind of jazz scales and then it’s also the best chord dictionary.

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14. Jam Tracks

Guitar Jam Tracks

Now if you are into jamming and playing with backing tracks though you can pick a lot of backing tracks on youtube, what is interesting about this one being an app is it’s very intuitive and you’ve got different styles, take electric blues, imager.

You can also plug it into a stereo system and then let’s say have major and minor chords, selecting them and going with the flow and it all works within a fraction of a setting.

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15. Fret Trainer

Fret Trainer app

Now if you are learning some theory then most of the knowledge is not really applicable in real life unless you know within a fraction of a second which note is where on the fretboard, so what’s really good about it is that it puts a lot of emphasis on being fast, it tells you how much time it took you.

It lets you to games to make you learn the keys of the fretboard which is a very good concept of learning things.

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16. Functional Ear Trainer

Functional Ear Trainer

This one is an ear training app. This one is free and what’s cool about it is it puts emphasis on recognizing the different scale degrees so that means, suppose you take a particular chord major or minor and play it, instead of recognizing intervals, here you will learn to recognize with the context of the note in the scale and this will really take you to a new level and improvise.

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17. Good Ear Pro

Good Ear Pro

This one is another really cool ear training app, this one is pretty similar to the above one which lets you understand the context of every note and not only the intervals but what is different here is, it has got more modes for example cords that actually will play and the set from which they are will be displayed and you will have to guess what it is.

Playing this like 5 minutes every day will train you to play a real-time instrument just like that.

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18. Sing True


Now if you have a pretty good and solid voice base and you find more fun singing stuff and playing parallelly then this app is totally for you. This can even be used for a warm-up session as it recognizes your vocal cords and prepares you for a pretty good singing session.

It has got different modes and melodies and stuff like that to accompany your music and singing.

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19. 101 Jazz Licks

licks guitar

If you are into jazz and you want to learn some jazz riffs and licks which is like very important in reaching your vocabulary new stuff, and it is really loved by people who are into jazz or love that type of music.

What this does is, display steps to play a certain tune in front of you and then ask you to play the same which basically helps you learn a new tune and get handy with it.

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20. ProTube


It is sort of a bonus app and if you are also sick of the youtube app and so many ads and the fact you can’t just close down your phone and the music will keep playing, this app is a lot faster, doesn’t have any ads, look great and also have a mode for playing audio-only so that you can just put it off and it keeps playing.

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These are some of the best apps and websites to learn free guitar lessons and guitar tricks. I hope you liked this article and got the information.

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