8 Best Online Cloud Storage

As life is getting digital the amount of data that is being created is also getting higher, as does the need for the space to store this data. 2018 was yet another year toward our progress of Ongoing digital Transformation. Consumer and business are increasingly getting dependent on Cloud Storage. As per Google Trends data shows that  “Cloud Storage” search volumes tripled since last year.

As of now, more than 50% of enterprises had adopted applications, platforms, and services dependent on the cloud and it will increase further on. So we can expect more increasing dependability on cloud storage in 2019. So as of now, there is more than 50+ cloud storage services provider but the question is which cloud storage providers are the best?

Here’s a list of best online Cloud storage providers of 2019 for you, most of them will provide a monthly free service to you so that you can finalize is it good according to you and satisfy your criteria.

1) Idrive

best cloud storage of 2019 Idrive


  1. It’s storage service covers all your network drives from servers to mobile devices
  2. Idrive’s versatile and easy to use platform allows data to backup, storage, sharing and recovery.
  3. Idrive uses client side 256-bit AES encryption with an optional key.
  4. Idrive express service for backup comes in handy in case of a disaster.


Idrive provides syncing of the files even those on the network drives means that from servers to mobile phones everything is covered. Idrive’s user interface also allows to share your files by twitter, facebook, E mail. It also provide the feature to restore upto 30 previous versions of all the backed up files.

Idrive also offers Idrive Express which sends the user physcial hard disk drive in case the user lost all data allowing you to swiftly & hassle free resoration of the files.

For Photo users, there is facial recognition feature which helps you to automatically organizes and syncing them along with all the lined devices which makes it one of the best online storage provider of 2019



2) pCloud

best cloud storage of 2019 pCloud


  1. Best for those in need to store large files online
  2. Affordably priced
  3. Best safety as pCloud uses client side encryption with zero knowledge privacy
  4. There is no extra tool to handle in it which makes it easy to use.


pCloud is based on switzerland known for its strong privacy laws. pCloud is best for storing large size media files and it offers no limit in term of size to upload online but there is some limit to bandwith overall its best for those searching to store large files on cloud.

It also offers sharing option allowing user to share the files and its available for both mobile and desktop platforms. Its one of the extremely rare cloud storage service provider that provides lifetime membership.

As for safety feature you can opt out for pCloud crypto service availabe on monthly/yearly/lifetime subscriptions. Each plan comes along with unlimited remote traffic, 30days trash history although there is a limit for download link traffic : 500 GB for the premium package and 2 Tb for the premium plus package users.


3) iCloud

iCloud best cloud storage of 2019


  1. Mainly developed for iOS and macOS users by Apple.
  2. Pricing compared with other cloud storage providers is reasonable
  3. It comes with 5 GB free online storage space.
  4. It’s user interface is mainly integrated for Apple’s system.


iCloud is basically developed for Apple’s iOS and macOS users community. It offers 5 GB of free spacxe to the users and if 5 GB of space is insufficient for you then you can go for paid subscription which are reasonably priced.

It’s main feature is how easily and comfortable it is to access it from apple’s platform,
You can use Mac Finder app and integrate with iCloud drive where you can store anything you want and it also allows to sync across all your devices.

Window’s users can also sync their files on iCloud using its official client and access the iWork app on iCloud website.


iCloud offers following plans:

4) Onedrive

onedrive best cloud storage of 2019



  1. Developed by Microsoft and preferred by windows users.
  2. Provide files resoration feature.
  3. It comes with 5 GB free online storage space.
  4. No additional app


OneDrive is backed by Micreosoft and comes integrated in Windows 10’s file explorer, there is no addittional app to download for it which is a plus point.

OneDrive is developed for window’s users which makes its very convinient to use in microsoft platforms. It works closely with MS-office and Office 365 suite, also microsoft photo apps allows to sync photos across all devices using OneDrive.

There are premium plans which offer tight security and more storage space.


OneDrive offers following plans:


5) Mega

mega best cloud storage of 2019


  1. Puts focus on the security.
  2. Mega is know for its easy to use and simple User Interface (UI).
  3. Magnanimous free plan.
  4. Sync client is Open-Source


Mega comes with a 50 GB free cloud storage plan which is very rare, they are based on New Zealand. It offers the drag and drop interface which is quite easy to use and comes in handy.

Mega’s mobile app allows you to upload files and photos as well sync clients with desktop machines.

Mega claims that the data stored in its cloud storage is encrypted on your device first before reaching to the company’s servers. It sync client is Open-Source and is availabe to check any further vulnaribalities.


Mega offers following plans:


6) Google Drive

google drive best cloud storage of 2019


  1. Google’s cloud storage solution for google users.
  2. Magnanimous free offering
  3. Intergation with Android devices
  4. Web interface is somewhat lacking


Google Drive is the best option for android phone users for both personal and proffesional use. It offers 15 GB of free cloud storage space which is quite decent even for the other platform users even though web interface is poor.

In Google drive you can store you High-end definition photos using Google Photos app and could also use Google’s G-Suite to create and store documents, spreadsheets and more. also you can go for the premium plan

The only downside it’s poor web interface although native client for Windows and Mac resolve the problem by proving Drag and Drop feature on it.


Google Drive offers following plans:

7) BOX

box best cloud storage of 2019


  • Compatibility with various apps available
  • Business plans with advanced security feature
  • 250 MB limit for file upload


Box is mainly business oriented storage provider, one look into Box’s website and you will know that currently box is prioritizng on its Business plans as clicking on “Sign up”  directly takes you to the pricing page. It offer’s 2 week trial with particular focus on security.

Box had been around quite a while due to which it support majority of the apps including Google Docs and Office 365.

Box offers its native clients for Windows and Mac users while there is an android app for android users


Box offers following plans:


8) NextCloud

nextcloud best cloud storage of 2019


  1. Cloud storage solution for DIY users.
  2. Innovative hosting
  3. Ability to adjust according to your needs
  4. Preconfigured setup


Technically, NextCloud is not one of the online cloud storage provider itself, rather company provide’s software to download and install and administer cloud storage service on your own. As it’s self hosted server it offers better security and full control while also faster in service compared.

And if you’re no IT expert or don’t have a server then it also offers preconfigured Nextcloud Box which comes with a 1 TB hard drive and .


As NextCloud is a self hosted service, there is no paid plan & its absolutely free. while you had to purchase the NextCloud Box or any other alternative.