18 Best Note-Taking App For iPad

Wondering what are the best note-taking apps on the iPad? We are here for everyone with the best list of note-taking apps. Go for the further information of Note-taking apps.

What is Note-Taking Apps?

Whenever you feel for writing, you take up a pen and a copy for it. But, what if when you want to write in a device, then absolutely no pen and paper will work. For your devices, there are many note-taking apps that you can go for. They are easy to install and go for use. They can be installed on your smartphones and then you can access them. When we have to find the app for such a requirement then they must include the basic standard in them. It must include a great interface for performing good tasks and proper services. The good accessibility and many tools in it are much necessary to take with.

Best Note-Taking App iPad

Notes help us to maintain a permanent record of what we have read, observed or listened to. That is why taking notes is very important for daily life. If you are an iPad user, then please go through this article because here we will be discussing some of the best note-taking apps that you can get on your iPad.

1. Apple Note

Apple Notes For iPad

This is the stock app so you must not expect any big features in it. In this app you are going to have a pencil, highlighter, an erase and an assortment of colors. If you want lines while taking notes or want an unlined sheet, then you can also choose that from this app. But that is all about the extent of customization you will get if you use this app on your iPad. The pencil is great; you will feel like you are using the pencil in real on a paper. The selection tool is also accurate.

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2. Ginger Labs Notability

Ginger Labs Notability

You can get this at a very low price from the apple store. You can use this app for taking notes regularly. This app can be your perfect partner in doing so. You have a lot more color options here and the highlighter is also cool. You have an eraser and a cutting tool. The most amazing thing is the feeling while writing. It is so much realistic in feeling when you write. In this regard, ginger lab notability is way beyond the other note-taking apps that you can have on your iPad. It has a recording feature too an alternatively you can import PDFs.

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3. GoodNotes 4


It is a great app. If you take notes using this app then it will auto categorize your writings. That is a great feature this app has. You can change the paper type here. It mimics the feel of writing. The page looks better here and you have a lot of good options like the highlighter, eraser, colors, selection tool, etc. You will have a shape tool in this application by which you can draw shapes (rectangles, circles, triangles, etc.) while taking any note. You can use zooming functionality here it is the best note-taking app iPad.

The Good Notes app allows the users in organizing their documents and making and saving of necessary notes. It is a good app that offers perfect features along with good access. It is available only on iOS. The best feature which it provides is of user interface accessibility and the brilliant experience which it gives to the users. It is more simple and more wonderful to perform. Also it keeps a good fit for your iPad as well as your iPhone. It has a total review of 4.7 in the Apple store.

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4. MyScript Nebo

MyScript Nebo App For iPad

Nebo has an awesome feature of recognizing handwriting. A simple app with normal tools but handwriting recognition is fantastic over here. This functionality is fast that it will blow your mind. If you are in a classroom, taking notes, then this is the right app for you.

MyScript app has the best support of more than forty languages for the recognization of handwriting. It includes the languages of English, Spanish, and many more. It has an appearance with many features which includes the making of diagrams and graphs. The digital formation of this app uses wonderful technology with a great basis. The review includes about 4.5 in iOS and 4.0 in android.

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5. Microsoft OneNote

OneNote App For iPad

The Microsoft OneNote app is one of the most popular apps for note-taking. It offers classic functions of sections, notebooks along with many other options as well. It is a great app that allows users to take sticky notes in their devices. Users can add notes on the page anywhere they want by just clicking there.

The background selection option is also available along with changing templates on the page. Billions of users recommend this app because of great support and best performance. In Apple store, it has about 4.6 reviews and in Google store about 4.5 reviews and it stands for best note-taking app iPad or iOS devices.

A very robust app for the users. It has got a very similar interface with apple’s stock app apple note. You will have a highlighter, a pencil, an eraser, a selector. If you want to scribble in between your writing, then this app will let you do that without arranging your sentences or erasing them. It will provide you a small space and a massive board where you can do rough works as well as scribbling. This is an exclusive feature that makes this app different from other apps.

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With such an instance of the above discussion, here we have various note-making apps which will be best as per the need.

6. Drafts App

drafts app

The drafts app is the application of note-taking which is best designed for the digital version of note sheets. It has the updating version of perfect performance. With the improvement of basic form in every time perfection, services are at the uppermost point. The improvement is perfect if we compare the new from the older versions of the draft app. It is the recommendation of everyone for using this app in taking regular notes. It has a total of about 4.8 reviews in the apple store.

7. SomNote App

SomNote App

The SomNote app allows our device for syncing the notes to any of the devices. We can easily create here multi-color form of files by using the protection of the password. Also, we can access here the various modes along with the research of different keywords. Many other kinds of options are available in SomNote. It is in actual an application that is based on the cloud which offers the users to take proper notes.

It gives the best storage of cloud to every account of the user. While taking notes, users can also make graphs and diagrams to make proper projects. It has about 4.7 of Apple store reviews and 4.5 of Google store reviews.

8. Bear App

Bear App

The Bear app allows its users the full view of the images along with a great focus. Also, it gives the mode of focus by eliminating the elements that are not necessary for the requirement. This application is a digital form of note-taking but is only for the devices of iOS and macOS. It is one of the best note-taking app iPad that I used. It also supports the formatting of the Markdown formation other than the displaying of excessing options on the menu. This app is not for Android devices but similar kinds of apps are available in Google stores.

9. Ulysses App

Writing App iPad

The Ulysses app is best for the management of the tasks of your daily notes. It includes various features for the users which will help them in making perfect notes. Involving additional requirements of styles that will suit perfectly in every preferential form. Its major functions that are task performance, editing, backup automatization, and navigating functions have made it a great point. Its rating in iOS is about 4.3.

10. ColorNote App

colored notes

The ColorNote app is a simple application that includes various ranges of features in it. Users can create easy notes, sticky notes while also keeping maintenance of notepad on it. As per the quality preference and service of this app, users are giving a great response to it. They can also create notes in many colors. It is available on the iPad and has a review of about 4.8.

11. Google Keep app


The Google Keep app is one of the famous one, which offers the great software services of noting in it. Users can take a variety of notes with the various inbuilt features available here. It has an advanced form of function availability which is more perfect to use. It offers more features of the preview of notes and the making of the documents. These notes are further transferrable to Google Docs or even others. It is available in androids as a rating of 4.5 and iOS of about 3.4.

12. Notion app


The Notion app is an application that is best suitable for preferential purposes. It gives the best feature of bringing the capabilities of various forms by providing the best functions to the users. The notion app functions which it offers are text editing, functions of the spreadsheet, and the best calendar updating. This Best note-taking app iPad the productive needs which it gives to the users are of great features for them. This app is available in android as the review of 3.2 and in iOS as 4.1.

13. Quip app

Quip app

The Quip app is just like a word processor app or is the same as the application of spreadsheets. Along with the tools which it has, the users can also note down and check the documents on this. Also, they can discuss the task at the same moment with the best notes performance in it. Also, it is in most the same as that of Google Docs if we take into comparing. It includes easy to perform and simple accessing by the users. It is compatible with iOS with reviews of 4.7 and in Android of 4.1.

14. Dropbox Paper App

paper app dropbox

The Dropbox Paper app is a great application that includes the software of the workspace. It provides better settings of professional performance along with better reasonability. It gives the features of essential forms of note-taking to the greatest level of managing tools. Also, it provides various access in the real form to the users. We can also add here pictures along with videos in documents that we are making. It is available in iOS with reviews of 4.3 and in Android of 4.4.

15. Diaro App

Diaro App

The Diaro app is one of the best notes taking app. Also, it includes the different options to take notes into daily forms of records in it. It will also save your time in keeping the notes daily and will also give a great experience to users. It replicates the modern form of technology and uses it even better. Also, it is compatible with iOS and has 4.7 reviews and in android, it has 4.6 reviews. It is one of the best note-taking app iPad.

16. Coda App


The Coda app in the best list of note-takings. It is basically the greatest resource that combines documents of various creations. The functioning of different tools and forms of notes are easy to make here. The great server settings of how to get more access to the features are best here. Users will easily understand the need for every tool for note-making by using this app. Some of the users give it a combination of Evernote and dropbox. Due to the consistent growth of this app, it is an effective form of storage for documents and files.

17. Notability App

Notability for iPad

The Notability app is the note-taking app that is best in providing accessible features. It gives good support by easing the work and great performance. The application of this is the best in recognition and is also in service for many years. The best services of this app are of good use. Various notes along with many forms are in best creation with this. It also gives the features of taking the documents and files and saving them. It is best compatible with iOS with about 4.5 reviews.

Wrapping Up

This its the complete list of best note-taking app iPad. I hope these apps information has given you the great app. Go with the depth reading and understand the various features in them. Also, give the feedback below and go for the other topics too.