6 Best Metal Wire 3D Printer For DIY

If you looking for some answers such as how much does a metal 3D printer cost? or any other. As we know in the leading technomad the 3D printer technology has surpassed the old printer technology. Many professional and industrial companies are acquiring metal 3D printing technology to design metal 3D prototypes or else customize their parts.

Metal 3D Printers are the way too expensive with a range of $80K to nearly $1 million. In this article, we are going to share with you some affordable metal 3D printers with ultimate features.

How Does Metal 3D Printing Technology Works?

The paper-thin layer of metal powder is smeared over the build platform and a high powered laser scans the cross-section of the ingredient, blending the metal scraps together and shaping the next layer. The undivided area of the design is scanned, thus the component is built entirely solid.

Types Of Metal 3D Printer Per Technology

3D Metal Printer has been distributed into four categories as per the metal 3D printing technology. The industries that printing technology is such as aerospace, automobile, health, engineering, and much more.

    1. Powder Bed Fusion
    2. Binder Jetting
    3. Direct Energy Disposition
    4. Extrusion

Mainly every 3D printer has been fall into one of these four categories. However, the Metal 3D Printer Market in 2020 covers 54 % of Powder Bed Fusion, 10 % of Extrusion, 16% of binder jetting, 16% of direct energy disposition, 2% of lamination and 2% of the resin.

Affordable & Best Metal 3D Printer To Buy In 2020

In this article, we are going to cover some cheap metal 3D printer to buy for DIY. With complete detailing such as technology, build volume, country and pricing.

1. 3D Systems ProX DMP 300 Metal 3D Pritner

3D Systems ProX DMP 300

The 3D Systems ProX DMP 300  is a licensed metal 3D printer build by 3D systems manufacture of the United States. Moreover, 3D system ProX DMP 300 3D printer was rebranded Phenix Systems 3D printers which acquired by 3D System. In terms of metal 3D technology, this printer works on Powder Bed Fusion and its proficient in manufacturing high quality and extremely-detailed metal parts. It uses direct metal printing (DMP), which is likewise form as DMLS. Technically, the cost of this metal wire 3D printer is approx $250K in the U.S.

Name of Metal 3D Printer  3D System ProX DMP 300
Technology Powder
Build Volume (in mm)250 x 250 x 330
Country United States
Price$250000 or above

2. ADIRA AddCreator Metal 3D Printer

 Tiled Laser Melting technology

If you’re seeking more build volume metal 3D printer with the same purchasing price then here goes. ADIRA AddCreator is also coming for $100K to $250K in Portugal. Typically, it is first introduced in 2016 by ADIRA, one of the leading 3D Printer companies based in Portugal.  The printer utilizes metal powder material and is also based on a powder-bed fusion (PBF) system. It also uses Tiled Laser Melting technology in the melting metal process and in terms of 3D printer build volume is supported (1000 x 1000 x 500) in mm.

Name of Metal 3D Printer ADIRA AddCreator
Technology Powder Material  & Powder Bed Fusion
Build Volume (in mm)1000 x 1000 x 500
Country Portugal
Price$100000 to $250000

3. Colido Amss Metal 3D Printer


It’s one of the cheapest metal 3D printer available worldwide. Technically, Colido is a china based manufacturer well known for building desktop 3D printer. The headquarters of the company is located in United States and the United Kingdom as well.

The company target small business and start-up companies to purchase their product. Moreover, the Colido Amss is about 20% less expensive compare to other metal 3D printer that runs on Powder technology.

Name of Metal 3D Printer Colido Amss Metal
Technology Powder Material
Build Volume (in mm)170 x 170 x 225
Country China
Price$10K to $50

4. Additec μPrinter

Additec μPrinter

The Additec 3D Printer is the world’s most compact metal 3D printer. With the help of this metal 3D printer, you an compose wire and powder feedstock into complex geometries.  It’s a laser metal deposition machine manufactured by Germany based Additec company.

In other terms, the printer utilizes a type of DED (Directed Energy Deposition) 3D printing technology to create 3D metal elements and additec technology also called Laser Metal Deposition (LMD). The top features of Additec Metal 3D Printer are – Material Compatibility, Triple Layers, Insert Camber, Build-In Camera and Automatic Wire Cutter.

Name of Metal 3D Printer Additec μPrinter
Technology Directed Energy Deposition
Build Volume (in mm)160 x 120 x 450
Country Germany
Price$90K or above

5. Vader Systems Polaris

xerox 3d metal printer

It is an industrial metal 3D printing machine own by Vader Systems also called Xero company in the United States. This Xerox 3d metal printer utilizes an exclusive technology that operates by the title “Magnet-o-Jet”. Its ceramic container melts metal wire at 1200°C. The liquid metal is then jetted layer by layer gratefulness to electromagnetic fields.

This is liquid metal 3D printing technology the Polaris is capable of 3D print aluminum and alloys as well as bronze and copper and other elements. The one dynamic feature this martial jetting 3D printer carry is 19 inches touch screen with complete control over the 3D printing process without a hassle.

Name of Metal 3D Printer Vader Systems Polaris
Technology Material Jetting Technology
Build Volume (in mm)305 x 305 x 305
Country United States
Price$250K or above

6. Desktop Metal Studio

Desktop Metal Materials

Desktop Metal Studio metal 3D printer runs on Extrusion (FFF, FDM) metal 3D printing technology. It manufactured and sold by Studio company based in the U.S. Compare to other 3D printer features this Desktop Metal Studio is 10X cheaper and has all the features that we found on costly 3D printers.

Moreover, Unlike other laser-based systems that melt metal powder in the process of metal 3D printing, the Studio 3D printer ejects chained metal rods just like how a plastic FDM printer works. One of the best features in the 3D printer is “Microwave Enhanced Sintering”.

Name of Metal 3D Printer Desktop Metal Studio
Technology Extrusion
Build Volume (in mm)270 x 200 x 210
Country United States
Price$120K or above