5 Games For iPhone You Can Play In CoronaVirus Lockdown

Love iPhone games? Love free games? Ohh great! I’m here to surprise you with my personal favourite games list which is truly made for iPhone gamers. All apps are free to use and fun-loving. So here we go.

Best iPhone Games To Play In Covid-19 Lockdown

These are some of the best games that you can play on your iPhone while coronavirus lockdown. These games are free and paid games to download from the Apple Store.

1. The Room: Old Sins

The Room series is one of the important for the mobile gaming community.  Because it’s so accurately designed from the ground level to a high touchscreen experience. It all arrives for manipulating objects; you’re twisting switches, twisting levers, deflecting the keys and it just feels soo great.

The Room Old Sins

It is the fourth game of the series, and the other three games are also highly rich to entertain the audience and must games to play before starting the fourth one. Technically it is oneself entry in the franchise. It is the epic centre for the particular Room sits a terrifying doll’s house, and it’s totally up to you to figure out the secrets.

And trust me when I say that those secrets are pretty fearful. This is a dark, decompose a mixture of a mature adventure game and a puzzler and the perfect reply to anyone who says that mobile games are made for kids.

Apple Store: The Room Old Sins

2. Mountain Valley 2

Monument Valley 2 is one another iPhone iterating games that you have to play. The game is about moving through Escher-esque landscapes, switching them and re-moduling them to get from point A to B. And underneath all of that is a heart fell story that attracts you from level to level.

Mountain Valley 2

It might be not the long term game in the world but there’s so much there into its short run time that it’d be fooled to complain too much about its brevity. There’s more here than in the wide majority of other iOS games developers put together.

The puzzles are interesting to solve and the experience is joyfully but it’s the graphics and interference that really sets Monument Valley 2 different from others. Many other games have tried to copy from it something similar but no one has come close to matching its performance of the mobile game.

Apple Store: Link To  Download Monument Valley 2

3. Iron Marine

Ironhead Studios made the Kingdom Rush series, a smart assembly of tower defence games that built the fundamentals for most of the upcoming developers.  And then came Iron Marines, which grips the lessons of the tower defence gaming and built them into an RTS.

Iron Marine Apk Download

I  know exactly what you’re thinking off!  You’re thinking that an RTS is not going to work on IOS device. Well, you’re wrong. Iron Marines is especially and accurately built, each design decision fine-perfect to the strengths and weaknesses of the touchscreen gaming community.

Every level creates new ideas and excitement to coming to the fore, and each new level seems to be better and more adventurous from the previous one. This is a breathless, relentless but incredibly the best game that shows that with the correct command and attention, almost anything can work on a touchscreen.

Apple Store: Link To Download Iron Marine For iPhone & iPad

4. Alto’s odyssey

alto's odyssey download for free

 A beautiful piece of art specifically designed with a rich, peaceful soundtrack makes Alto’s Odyssey one of the best games for endless runner games on the App Store. The game includes a challenge admiration and an excess of unlockable characters, making it full of excitement for every time you load it up.

Apple Store: Link To Download Altos Odyssey For iPhone

5. Donut Country

Donut County Apk file for iPad

If you like Katamari Damacy but you are hunting for a new chapter, games that make a little more significant then check out Donut Country. It’s all about rough raccoons and their insatiable need to collect garbage. As you explore poor, thrill residents of Donut Country, you’ll stick up everything they own into your bottomless hole. Some objects when combined will produce some Great spectacular reaction.

Apple Store: Link To Download Donut Country

Wrapping Up!

Hoping that these games will entertain you fully. all apps are free to you and the best games for iPhone users.