6 Best Free Weather App for Android

6 Free Weather App for Android Devices

1. Accu weather

Accu Weather

This app is a free weather forecast app, which provides very accurate weather forecasts for all locations around the world. It has an accurate network and forecasts which won’t ever let you down. Severe weather warnings are given on time so that you be safe; whether it is rainy or windy or snowy or whatever. Local forecast or holiday weather, every update is available live on the app 24/7.

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Weather Forecast App

Known to be the simplest weather forecasting app with transparent clock and world weather which is fully featured. Completely available with customization, digital clock and of course, weather forecasting.

It is a free weather forecasting apps that can give you real-time forecasts around the world with its UI combined with a powerful set of weather tools. It gives you real-time local weather and forecasts for any location around the world. Seven day extended forecast and precipitation information is hourly forecasted and live animated radar, extreme weather warnings. It’s one of the best free weather app for android phones.

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3. Yahoo Weather

Yahoo Weather App

This app provides you to check on the on-time accurate weather forecasts. The app presents hourly 5 day and 10-day forecasts cleanly displayed in a very minimalist fashion. This app allows users to browse interactive, heat maps and satellites , snow radar etc. It views weather on all major destinations.

It also automatically notifies two times daily about the weather conditions. Also about the extreme disturbing weather conditions which can cause destruction anywhere around the world.

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4. The Weather Channel

Weather News & Radar Maps

It is a free weather update app. Its features of comprehensive weather update utility for Android.It tracks your location with the help of your device and helps us with hourly 15 day and weekend weather forecasts based which is based on the exact location data hence, it’s pretty accurate.

It also provides humidity, temperature, visibility, wind UV index and dew point data on a 60 minute and regularly as well. This app can also map your real-time present location. Onto a Doppler radar map image that provides snow, rain and wind alerts for the current location and also provides information about severe weather updates and national weather alerts.

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5. Today Weather

Weather Boardcasting app

This app displays weather forecasts clearly which makes it easy to understand. With this app you can prepare for anything with 24/7 weather forecast and the chances of rain. Protect your health with the air quality, UV index and pollen count feature. It provides you with the timing of sunrise sunset, and full moon night, so that you can catch the beautiful moments with the information provided.

Other useful information, actual temperature, humidity, visibility, dew point , air pressure , wind speed and direction and a lot more.

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6. Weather Live

liveWeather app

This app aims to provide weather app experience as pretty as it is functional that is it has these virtual effects due to which you find the app useful and interesting as well. Every weather report on this app is accompanied by a photo similar to the weather that gives you a similar type of weather and surrounding to expect from that. Now it goes from beautiful clear skies to stormy weather, heavy rains and wind and basically everything in between.

The forecast indicates current and seems to have the feel like that of temperatures precipitation info and sunrise and sunset times and more . This app also has an option for the Premium Subscription. Going for which removes advertising and provides access to more features, for example, hurricane tracking and interactive weather maps.

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