20 Most Downloaded Free Music Apps For HD Quality Sound

The best free music apps for iPhone are available in Apple Store you’ve to just choose the best one for your iPhone device. We’ve gathered a list of free music apps for iPhone and iPad which also support other mobile operating platform such as Android, Blackberry, iPod Touch. There are hundreds of music players available on the Apple Store, however, you’ve to pay money to use them.

But there are some of the best free music apps for the iPhone. You can easily download them through the store without paying a single penny. Check out the below-given list for more information.

List of Best Free Music Apps For iPhone And iPad

1 # Shazam

Shazam is one of the best music apps for iOS devices. However, its also support some other Mobile OS platforms. The apps a feature that lets you listen to the songs and then tells the name of the artist. You can also watch the music video on YouTube through the app, It also supports Spotify music and much more.

Platforms:  Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Blackberry, Windows 8 Tablet.

2 # Pandora

Pandora music app that also available for free for mobile users. You can easily stream songs for you to listen to. You’ve to just enter the name of your favourite artist and you will get the complete list of songs. In this app, you can bookmark and rate the songs if you find the song great.

This music app only works when you’re connected to the internet. Its work best with the WiFi because of its stream song without buffering.

Platforms: iPhone, iPad Touch, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Kindle Fire

3 # Freegal Music

Freegal is a free music app from which you can use to process free music songs download for iPhone and iPad. The database of this music app contains more than 7 million music songs. You can easily find your favorite songs through the name of the artist.

Platforms: iPhone and iPad

4 # Beats Music

Beats Music also a great and best free music apps for iPhone. It’s for those music lovers that first want to stream the song and then download it to their devices. The app supports more than 20 million songs you can easily them all via a library.

Platforms: iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

5 # Spotify Music 

Spotify Music is one of the best free music apps for iPhone and iPad. As you also heard the name of Spotify. This is the best music app to listen to music on the iPhone and iPad. The app allows you to access all music tracks through the playlist without having a hassle.

Free Music Apps

6 # iHeartRadio

In case if you only need a radio app for an iPhone device. Then iHeartRadio is one of the best options because of its covers all radio channels and supports almost all devices. In it, you can also listen to the podcasts and create your own music stations that played your favourite songs.

You can also set an alarm for the music station along with a sleep timer to turn off the radio station and many more features. You can also view the lyrics as you listen to the song, see the artist biography and much more.

Platforms:  Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch Windows 8 Tablet

7 # The Music+

The Music+ is also a cool free music player that allows users to download their favourite songs without hassle. The interface of the app is simple to allow its users to easily access their favourite artist by simply entering the name of the artist in the search box.

Platforms:  iPhone and iPad

8 # SoundCloud

SoundCloud is a free music app it has a large database of music tracks uploaded by others users. It’s the same as other music apps you can easily search for artists, download songs as well as follow other users. It’s free to download on multiple platforms. You can create your own playlist with your favourite songs and customize it according to your choice.

Platforms:  iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

9 # TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio is a radio app for iOS devices. It’s covered almost all radio stations. In it, you can enjoy local radio stations along with download the songs at the same time while listening. You can also find the artists or songs in the list of all radio stations.

If you like the TuneIn Radio App you can also buy its Pro version for more additional features that you can access in TuneIn Radio.

10 # Free MP3Box

The Free MP3Box is a free online music streaming app. It allows a user to stream your favourite artist song on YouTube Search. It contains almost 20 million music tracks within the library. It also supports free radio along with local radio stations.

Platforms: iPhone and iPad

Music Apps

11 #  Tidal

Tidal is an official music app it’s a world-first music service that offers High Fidelity sound quality and a lot more features. It also supports lots of other features such as quick search that allow users to search for the artist to add their favourite songs to the playlist.

Platforms: iPhone

12 # 8Track Playlist Radio

The 8Track Playlist Radio is a radio station app for iPhone. It allows users to choose the perfect song from a library because it contains almost 2 million playlists. Now comes the Pros and Cons of this app, It’s there is contained no audio ads but however, it doesn’t offer high-quality songs.

Platforms: iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

13 # Daytrotter

Daytrotter is a well-known music platform for the source of new song discovery along with living music events. You can easily download MP3 songs through the Daytrotter app, However, the Daytrotter app for iPad is very popular among people compare to iPhone.

Platforms: Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Windows Tablet

14 # SoundHound

The SoundHound is an amazing app that allows its user to discover the song in case if you can’t remember the name of the artist or the name of the song. You can easily find out the song by humming or by sing through the video search bar.

It’s free to use you can download it through stores. If you own an iOS device such as iPhone then go to Apple Store and for Android platforms, we all know Google Play Store.

15 # SongKick Concerts

The SongKick Concerts music app is totally designed for iPhone and iPad users. So basically if you own any one of these devices that runs on the iOS platform then in this case it’s one of the best music app for you.

This app also has a feature that allows you to download and listen to live music concerts and many more features.

Platforms: iPhone and iPad

16 # Hype Machine

Hype Machine music app allows users to download top trending music songs. It’s an app that lets you download the most discussed songs at the present time all around the world. The app has more than 800 world’s most trending blogs.

You can easily find out the most trending songs and listen to them through the app. The app is free to download for multiple platforms.

17 # TuneDog App

The tuned App is a great app for finding the best songs. It’s free to download. However, some of the music is available for money so you’ve to buy them. You can easily bookmark the songs by search the bar and buy them.

18 # Deezer Music

The Deezer Music is one of the best music apps for the iPhone. It’s a music app that allows its users to enjoy free music on your iPhone or iPad and even you can also listen to your favourite music track offline. Its interface quite simple you can easily discover new songs through the search bar or home.

19 # Slacker Radio

It’s like a radio more than a music app then this app is totally designed for you. The Slacker Radio app is handcrafted radio stations help users to easily locate local radio channel and find perfect music according to the mood.

You can also create a playlist of your favourite songs and play them whenever you want to. The app is totally free to download for multiple platforms such as iPhone, Android, iPad, iPod Touch and much more.

20 # Music Tube

The Music Tube is a cool free music app that allows its user to download and listen to the song at the current time. However to use this best free music app you need the internet. Because it streams music tracks online which simply means you can listen to songs whenever you want to.

In my view, it’s one of the best free music apps for iPhone devices. You can download it from Apple Store for free without paying any penny.