5 Best Android Auto App For HeadUnit

Android auto app for head unit is totally amazing it allows you to perform multiple functions on your vehicle. Like you can connect your phone with your car and listen to audio songs or play video and much more. In this article, we are going to share some best android apps for headunit to perform multiple functions on your car or any other vehicle with head-unit.

What is the HeadUnit?

In simple words, the vehicle head unit is the system that controls features like audio, navigation, climate control system and media player and much more it is located in the center console of the vehicle. With the help of the Head Unit system, you can easily control your vehicle’s normal features without having a hassle.

Best Android App For Head Unit of Vehicles

There is multiple head unit android app available on google play store for the android platform but we have shortlisted most downloaded and reviewed applications in our list. This list contains free and paid android applications for headunit.

1. RK3066 HeadUnit

 HeadUnit app

RK3066 HeadUnit is an android app for vehicle head unit management with the help of this app you can control your vehicle head unit features. The main features of this android app for head unit are – call via Bluetooth through android phone, Media button remap from CAN keys, Direct control to the media player, auto-start music app on boot phone headunit key, tune volume on speed up to 120km/hr and much more.

Download: Android App For Headunit (RK3066 HeadUnit)

2. HeadUnit Reloaded

free android app for headunit

HeadUnit Reloaded also a Headunit Receiver emulator for Android auto vehicles. With the help of this application, you can control wifi, How to connect headunit app? Plugin the USB to your device (in case of tablet use an OTG cable), when prompted make sure you allow HUR to be the default app for the action and you check the always box. It’s a paid application you’ve purchased it from Google Play Store.

Download: Headunit App 

3. AutoMate

best android auto app

AutoMate is a free android auto app that performs all the features that other headunit applications can without having a hassle? Moreover, the application enables some common services in your car or vehicle while driving. With AutoMate you can access maps, places, phone calls, voice, media control, shortcuts and data.

Download: Free Android Auto App (AutoMate)

4. Car Mode

android app for headunit apk

Car Mode is a great alternative for AutoMate this application almost performs all the features that AutoMate can do easily. Moreover, this android auto app has extra features like check text messages, support navigation applications, streamless use third-party music apps etc. The app is available for free to download on Google Play Store.

Download: Car Mode Android App

5. EasyConnection

Driving Assistant App

EasyConnection is a driving assistant app for android devices. It contains all the features required by the driver of the car for controlling the vehicle with the help of their cell phone. The app integrates music, navigation, maps, telephone and other driving features. Moreover, you can also add more features to the app according to your needs.

Download: EasyConnection App

Wrapping Up!

If we missed any android auto app for headunit in this case, you can tell use the application through the comment box. Don’t forget to share the article among your social media friends.