How To Download / Backup Google Voicemail Recordings

Google Voice of the coolest feature for billions of Googler’s with the help of this feature people like me and you can easily communicate with other with the voice by sending and receiving voicemail or voice messages.

There are some other uses of Google Voice such as you can search on Google with the help of the Voice Search option using a microphone. But sometimes you’ve to backup your voice recording as proof with some kind of business deals and some other cases.

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Download and Backup Google Voice Messages

In case you require a voice conversation recording as proof, you can easily download it.

Google allows its users to make a backup of any kind of voicemail or voice conversation.

Step 1 : 

Go to and Sign-in into your Account

Step 2 : 

Click on the Select None button.

Step 3 : 

On the next page,  Click on Voice Icon and Press the Next button

Step 4 : 

Select the Download Method and Format. Click on Create Archive

Step 5:

Wait for some time until your download ready