5 Apps To Watch Netflix Shows for Free

Looking for Apps To Watch Netflix Shows for Free? Here are some apps on which you can get access to almost all web series and shows for free on our iPhone, Android or tablet. Among all the streaming services NetFlix is one of the best and affordable streaming services for Smart TVs along with mobile phones in English or in your native languages.

Apps To Watch Netflix Shows for Free 

These are some of the free apps to watch Netflix shows for free on android or iOS devices. All you need to install the application on your device and create a free account on the app with the number phone or the email address.


VideoBuddy App For Android

This is the most amazing of 2020. You can get the latest movies, shows, web series and videos and download them here absolutely free. You can search for whatever web series you want to watch and it will be available on it.

Coming to movies you can download any movie in one click without any facade and get to watch it and even download it. This app is free of cost and all the available movies and shows will show up after search or in the trending list. Even Hollywood movies and shows are available here for download as well as streaming. You can even download music and WhatsApp status from here. This is a must-have phone if you love binge-watching.

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2. Cyberflix TV

cyberflixtv apk

It is another app with a free web series and shows. You get categories on the top of different apps from which you want to watch the show and a list of shows and series from that particular app for free. You can get tv shows, movies, series and stuff like almost everything on this app completely free. You can add stuff to your favourite list and you can also share stuff with any app. It’s is one of the best apps to watch Netflix shows for free.

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3. Torrent Villa

TorrentVilla app

This app is again free and you get all the latest stuff out there. The stuff which is not available easily on usual apps will be found here. Only one thing, this app has a lot of ads in between but else you every latest or old tv show, movie, series are available here. It has its own trending list where you can get the most-streamed series and shows.

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4. Unlock MyTV


This app is very similar to terrarium tv. You don’t find a lot of ads here. Again all the latest movies, shows and series are available here for free in different video quality according to your preferences. This app is more segregated and organized than any other app. It is segregated based on years when the particular movie, show or series was released. Also based on different categories and genres.

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5. Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time app

This app is very creative with its name as popcorn is the best snack for binge-watching. Now on this app again you will find the movie, tv shows and series for free. You get separate movies and tv shows section with proper segregation according to genres and categories and also emotions.

This one the best apps, you get to download and share whatever you want to watch and is very user friendly. You can also choose what quality of video you want to binge-watch or download. These apps will be very helpful to you as these give you free access to a lot of entertainment. Wherever if you want to see these originally you will have to pay a good amount of money for a specific period to get access to the tv shows, web series and other entertainment stuff.

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