How To Apply Patanjali Swadeshi Samriddhi Card Online

What is Patanjali Swadeshi Samriddhi Card? 

Ramdev on May 28 announced two new things Patanjali Swadeshi Samriddhi card and Patanjali SIM card. Basically, the Patanjali Swadeshi Samriddhi card is useful for Patanjali store customers. This card has lots of benefits such as the card features 5 lakhs accidental assistance, 10 to 15 % money cash back and 100 % charity from profit and much more.

Benefits of Patanjali Swadeshi Samriddhi Card 

There are lots of benefits of  Patanjali swadeshi samriddhi card. Some of the important features of this Patanjali Card along with its benefits given below following.

  1.  The card can be use in Patanjali Stores, Patanjali Arogya Kendra and Patanjali Chikitsalaya.
  2. Purchasing products through this card give you 10 to 15 % cash back.
  3. In a Single Bill of Rs.5001 or above, the store owner provides 3 % extra discount.

Details of Patanjali Swadeshi Samriddhi Card

Patanjali Swadeshi Samriddhi Card
Recharge Plan on Patanjali Swadeshi Samriddhi Card

How To Apply For Patanjali Swadeshi Samriddhi Card 

You can apply for Patanjali Swadeshi Samriddhi Card online through your cell phone or laptop. To apply for this card you’ve to pay Rs.100 of Patanjali membership fee. After that, you can recharge your card with the amount of money you to credit into this card for the shopping or other purposes.

Follow the below-given step by step guide to applying for Patanjali Swadeshi Samriddhi Card.

Step 1:

Open this Swadeshi Samridhi website on the new tab.

Step 2:

In the card application section, Fill your personal information as required.

Step 3:

Click on the submit button. You get an application number of 16 digits, save this application number it will be useful in future references.

After submitting your application you’re done. After 3 to 5 business days, you receive a email from Patanjali to proceed to the payment for your card.