How To Add Guest In Pre-Booked Magic Express Reservation

Travelling to the Disney Magic Kingdom is one of the most fantastic things to do visiting Disney World is the dream of everyone. I also planned once in my life I’ve to visit Disney to look its fantasy from my naked eyes.

In 2015 the Disney World Magic Kingdom remains the world’s most visited theme park. According to  AECOM/TEA attendance analysis report, Magic Kingdom saw over 56K visits per day. You need to know Walt Disney company owns 8 of the top 10 most visited theme parks in the World.

How To Book Magical Express Reservation

So if you have your flights and need to add transportation details to your reservation for the Magical Express. You’ll easily add magic express information to flight reservations if you’ve forgotten to add someone to the list using a phone.

It happened, I’ve also experienced it. But the great thing I’ve fixed this issue using my cell phone. Yeah, you can easily add your flight reservation details to Magical Express online using your phone or a notebook.

Step 1 : 

Go to the Disney World website.

Step 2 : 

As you see, you’ve to fill the forum with your personal details. Click Continue.


Magic Express Reservation Online

Step 3 : 

Click on “Add Guest” to add a family member or the buddy’s going with you to Disney World.


add a guest into magic express

Step 4 : 

Choose your Arrival and Departure date along with your Airlines and Flight Number.

Note: If somebody travelling to another flight and you want to add them to your party you can add them using the “Add A Flight Group” option.

Step 5 : 

Review the information that you about to submit. To see all the information that you’ve entered is correct before submitting the form.

Step 6 : 

You’ve successfully added your reservation to Magical Express.

Your Disney Magical Express document will be mailed approximately within 42 days. when you’ll arrive at Orlando International Airport with your buddies and family members. After the arrival takes the shuttle from the gate to the main terminal and proceeds to the Disney Magical Express Welcome Center.


5 Things You Must Do If You Going To Visit Disneyland 

There so many things to do at Disney World. But there are some fantastic things that will make your trip awesome at Disneyland.

Embroider Your Nickname On A Set of Mickey Mouse Ears 

You’ll embroider your nickname on the set of ears. To bring back your childhood memories. Mad Hatter haberdashers are used to be finicky but you can put you on back. One more additional benefit of using it you can get them to sign almost anything.

Romance in Main Cinema Street 

In old times, the best places to steal kisses were deep with pitch blackness such as tunnels or movie theatres. Where you can imagine yourself in a fantasy world with your partner.

Visits To Star Wars Land To Live In Fantasy 

Disney World theme park has lots of places to visit but Star War Land was one of my favourite places. Its the place where I finally come to the Star Wars and now it’s my turn to fight with evils. It could be almost five years before Star Wars Land become the reality.

Arrive on the Star Tours Destination

The Star Tour is the Adventures Continue is a 3D motion simulator attraction based in Disney World. Where you can watch all Stars Wars series films and some other adventure movies.

Spend A Night With Your Soulmate In The Dream Suite

When going to end up your day in Disney World the best place to rest is Dream Suite. Where you can find all the romantic things. Basically, Disney Dream Suite is a luxury apartment located in Disneyland Park you must check it out.