10 Free Online Tools To Get Whole Information About Website

Getting information about website in a day is a kinda hard task where almost everything can be done on the all-powerful internet, it has become necessary to check everything about everything. Websites may sound simple, but a lot of work goes into creating even a simple webpage or spying any website to know their secrets.

How To Check Website Details

Technically, to get ahead to your business competitor you must track down their business details and follow up their weak leads to increase your business. If your competitor owns a website then, in this case, you can use some of the best online tools to check information about website for free.

In this article, we going to share some of the tools with the help of them you can easily find domain registration details of any website or locate domain ownership history without having a hassle. These tools also come handy if you want to spy on the website of your competitor

Best Online Tools To Check Website Information

These are a few tools to know everything about a website


“Checks any Internet host’s reachability and how much latency there is in communicating with it from 50 locations worldwide”, what this means that is using this tool you can check whether a website is reachable across countries. Due to the monitoring servers of JustPing in locations like Turkey, Egypt and China if there is a 100 % packet (information) loss a site is most likely inaccessible from that region.


Netlify is a unique tool. It rates your site by testing it on parameters such as its global load time and security. The higher this score, out of 100, the better. Not only does it give a ranking but it also points out the potential security flaws and exactly where your website lacks.

3. WordPress Theme Detector

Looks do matter when it comes to a website! This is a free online tool you can use to find which WordPress theme has been used in the making of the current website so that you too can use the same theme while designing your own website.

4.Sucuri Site Check

This is a “free malware and security scanner” into which you just have to feed in the URL it will tell you if there is any malware on the site or if the website is on any blacklist. It also lets you know about the risks you take on visiting the particular site.

5. Nibbler

Nibbler is an all in one tool. If you want to know how good a site is, just run it through nibbler. It gives a score based on just about everything, accessibility, experience, marketing, the technology used, analytics, printability and so much more.

6. MXToolbox

 Provides basic information about a website’s domain registration, IP address, hostname, and will also let you know if the website is on any blacklists. It also provides the SMTP diagnostics.

7. Pingdom

“Website performance and availability”, is checked by another awesome tool called Pingdom. Pingdom basically allows you to analyze the load time of a site and lets you know about the problematic areas to be wary of. It also analyses uptime monitoring, real user monitoring, synthetic interaction testing and page speed monitoring.


 This is a public database that stores all copyright infringement claims against a website. When there is any copyright complaint against a website a copy of the same is stored in this database.

9. Google Analytics

This is a no brainer. Google Analytics is the most popular tool among website developers and owners. It basically monitors website traffic, the demographic of your viewers, their location and literally lets you stalk your audience. This detailing helps the owners to understand the audience and their needs.

10. IS

This is a simple but useful tool that lets you contact the website owner. You would get to know who the site is registered under (i.e. who is hosting it) their email address, phone number and other such information.


The internet is definitely is a complicated area to navigate and you need all the help you can get. Hopefully, these tools have helped you enough to make your life a little easier. Cheers!