Why Attain Amazon AWS Certified Developer Associate Certification

Why Attain Amazon AWS Certified Developer Associate Certification Using Exam Dumps

Does the prospect of accessing your applications and services from a cloud service provider sound appealing to you? Imagine owning everything over the internet, instead of the bothersome computing infrastructure or the huge data centers we see around. That’s the benefit of cloud computing.

As an in-demand technology that’s quickly gaining popularity around the world, the prospect of joining the cloud platform is hard to ignore. But the problem is, many people are still unaware of the right certifications to pursue in order to validate their knowledge. Leave alone aligning their technical skills with the latest developments in the cloud industry.

It is for this reason that we have compiled one of the best guides to the Amazon AWS Certified Developer Associate credential.

Let’s find out if this badge can positively impact your career in today’s ridiculously competitive job search market. Let’s get started then.


AWS Credentials Overview

Amazon Web Services is a revered cloud platform that’s used by several companies and organizations across the globe. It offers its certifications in 4 major levels including Foundational, Associate, Professional, and Specialty badges.

If there’s one undeniable fact, it is the increased popularity of the AWS badges over the years. Because of the important role played by cloud technology in today’s IT sphere, the desire to work with AWS certified IT professionals is compelling. So, why one should start pursuing the Amazon badges? Let’s find out together.

Reasons to Become the AWS Certified

On the employment front, the AWS certifications attract huge compensation in terms of earning potential. Cloud technology is essential to success of many organizations and verifying your skills in this field using the AWS credentials is a sure way to get high-income potential.

Secondly, the Amazon Web Services certifications are ideal for updating your technical knowledge and skills. The vigorous process involved in attaining these credentials and their clear recertification policy means you will be validating your knowledge of some of the latest IT concepts.


Finally, these badges are a testament to your dedication to career growth. Earning the AWS credentials is not just a way to prove your skills, but also portrays your attributes as a committed individual who’s yearning for new opportunities in the employment market.

Now let’s pay our close attention to the purpose of our post, the AWS Certified Developer Associate credential.

What to Know about the AWS Certified Developer Associate Credential?

The AWS Certified Developer Associate is a mid-level Amazon credential that confirms if a candidate can develop and manage AWS-based applications. Amazon recommends that all students should have at least one year of past work experience in a developer role. As the list of the required knowledge and skills is rather extensive, check the Amazon.com to find all the necessary details to be eligible for this badge.So, if you’d like to get this credential, you might think about how to do that, right? Let’s dive deeper into it now.


How to Attain Your Badge?

To complete your certification training, you should pass one exam, coded, DVA-C01. This is a 130-minute test that can be taken from an approved testing center or in the online proctored mode. This assessment questions come in multiple answer and multiple-choice formats, with the exam fee set at $150. Candidates can get enrolled in one of the 4 available versions that include English, Korean, Japanese, and simplified Chinese.

Get ready for Your AWS Exam with the Amazon Training Courses

For the AWS certification exams, there are a few great training methods for validating your practical experience. Visit the Amazon official certification page and enroll for one of their courses to acquire the relevant skills and knowledge that will enable you to be successfully-prepared for your forthcoming assessment. Also, ensure you review the official test guide to get more information on the skills validated by this assessment.


Your Earning Potential

The PayScale.com states that individuals who attain the Certified Developer Associate badge from Amazon report a huge salary increase. At the moment, a holder of this credential can expect an average salary of $100k per year, which, obviously, may vary depending on your location and the organization you work for.

It should be noted that this certification also qualifies you for multiple IT job roles such as Software Development, Software Engineering, Senior Software Engineering, and Development Operations Engineering to mention just a few.

But what can one do to pass the AWS Certified Developer Associate test? Find the answer below.

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To wind up, the cloud technology presents plenty of opportunities to enthusiastic candidates, regardless of its fast-paced nature. It’s completely unsurprising that many companies will be battling for your skills as soon as you get certified. The journey can be tough but it’s worth it in the end. So, fulfill your career objectives by getting your Amazon AWS Certified Developer Associate certification anytime through DVA-C01 test and the Prepaway.com with their free, valid and updated exam dumps. You can do it.