What Is Petanque Game? – [Explained]

A lot of games played globally and one among them is Petanque. So you want to know what is Petanque game? Then here you will get more information about this amazing game. Petanque is a French outdoor game.

In France, a lot of people love to play this game and it is also played in the format of tournaments and also it is known as the game of streets. People love to play this game too much. Nowadays when social media is a very useful tool to make anything global, Petanque has also benefited from it.

Petanque is also becoming popular and most of the people around the world know about Petanque. But if you still don’t know what is Petanque game? Then here we are to help you with it. We will explain to you more about the Petanque game.

Here we will not only tell you the history of this game but also we will explain to you that what are the rules of this game. 

History of the Petanque game? What is Petanque Game and its History?

If we take a look at the history of the Petanque game then it is stated that it was started in 1910. Two towns of France are known as the origin place of this game.

These two towns are known as Marseille and Toulon called La Ciotat. These two towns started this game. However, the game rules and name of the game in the initial days was different.

How To Play Petanque Game

It was known as jeu provençal. jeu provençal is still played by the local residents of these towns. But the main thing is that there is no more difference in both of these games. So the answer to question what is petanque game is enough for everyone to understand jeu provençal. 

Rules of the Game

Always there are two teams in this game. It is obvious that a game becomes interesting when we have opponents in the game. That is why we are saying that Petanque also has teams in it. Now the question is how many teams are there in the game. You can have as many as possible teams in this game.

But the most common number is two or three teams. These teams can have two members or it can have only one member in it. This game is played with boules. These boules are a kind of spherical balls. Every member should have these balls and they have to throw it towards a wooden block or a small spherical wooden ball. 

How Players get Points In Petanque?

Not only the answer to the question of what is petanque game is enough for all of us. But also we all need to know that how players get points in Petanque. In Petanque, as we have told you that a lot of players can play the game divided into teams.

They all have to throw the spherical pieces or balls called boules towards a wooden block like a thing. The closest boule will get a point. Similarly, you have to throw the boules again and again and the one who gets 13 points will win the game. 

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