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This is an step by step guide based on how you can perform Vanguard com login without having a hassle. is an American-based investment advisors platform. In technical terms, it’s an investment management company. It offers a large selection of high quality at a lower cost mutual funds, ETF Advice and much more services related to investment.

It’s one of the best platforms for investment from all across the world. You can easily able to access the Vanguard platform on your phone or computer.

In this article, we are going to explain, how you can create a vanguard account and perform a secure login into your investor account on without having a hassle.

How To Perform Secure Login

If you already have a vanguard with a user ID and password, then you can easily able to perform secure login into your phone browser or computer.

To know the complete process of secure login follows the below-given step-by-step instructions.

Step 1:

Firstly, go to your device Phone / Computer and open a web browser in it. (make sure you’re connected to the internet)

Step 2:

Now, after this visit the following address – Vanguard Login Web Page login
vanguard com Login | Personal Investors

Step 3:

Once the web page is completely loaded on your device’s web browser. Enter your Username and Password and hit the Submit button to process the login.

After following these three steps you can easily able to perform a login without having a hassle on your device. Make sure you’ve your Username and Password with you when you perform the login process.

How To Register New Account on

In case you don’t have a vanguard investing or personal account. So to get access to the platform you needed to create a new account and you can easily do that by following below given step-by-step instructions.

Step 1:

Go to the web browser and enter the following web address – Signup

Step 2:

Now, Tap on the start button and fill in the required information such as First Name, Last Name, SSN, Birth Date and Zip Code. Once enter personal information hit the “Continue” button.

vanguard com login
vanguard com Login | Personal Investors

Step 3: 

In this step, you needed to create a username and password that is secured enough for this make sure to use upper and lower case letters along with special characters while creating a new password.

Step 4:

Lastly, you need to add some security features, such as questions with answers that you can use the recover your account.

Recover the Username and Password

In case if you forget your username and password of your vanguard account. However, you can easily able to recover your account without having a hassle.

You needed to follow the below-given step-by-step instructions to retrieve your account details.

Step 1: 

Go to the web browser and visit –

Step 2:

Enter the required information to recover your accounts such as First and Last name, Date of Birth, SSN number, and Zip Code.

vanguard login to my personal account
vanguard com Login | Personal Investors

Step 3: 

After entering the information hit the next button and select the option (phone/email) to get your password and username.

Vanguard Contact Support

Well, lots of time we don’t get what we are looking for on multiple platforms and it also applied on the vanguard platform.

But you can easily get able to resolve your issues or problem by communicating with the customer representative of

There are two ways from which you can contact the support team:

Email Support – Non

Contact Number –  877-662-7447

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to the vanguard login with complete informaiton.

Why can’t I log into Vanguard account?

To begin, access some other websites to see if there is an issue with your browser or internet connection. Close your browser, reopen it, and try login into Vanguard Online again if they are working. If you’re still having trouble logging in, double-check that you’re using the correct username and password.

What is the problem with Vanguard?

It is the world’s largest coal investor and one of the two largest oil and gas investors, yet it falls well behind its rivals in terms of climate action and promises.

How do I access my Vanguard account online?

Visit for more information. Select Go to the website from the drop-down menu. If you’re a registered user, enter your user name and then click Log on. Click Submit after entering your password. If you haven’t already done so, click Sign up for Access and follow the on-screen instructions.

Why does Vanguard not work on Chrome?

This frequently indicates a cache or cookie problem. You could try deleting the vanguard-related cookies and clearing your cache. (Clearing all of them will log you out of everything.)

Does Vanguard have 24 hour customer service?

Vanguard Client Services can be reached at (800) 662-2739. Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Eastern time. 800-ON-BOARD (Tele-Account®) (662-6273) Vanguard mutual fund account information is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via automated phone. Vanguard Brokerage Services® can be reached at 800-992-8327. Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., Eastern time

Hopefully, you find this short guide helpful to know how you can perform the login along with creating a new account and contacting the support team to resolve your issues within a few minutes.

Moreover, if you’ve any question related to the Vanguard platform you can ask us through the comment box and we try our best to resolve your issues.

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