50+ Trending Best Friend Tattoo

Are you in a search for the best friend tattoo to have in this present era? We are here with a solution for that. Let’s begin by exploring many designs of tattoos of this latest the year 2020.

50+ Best Friend Tattoo In 2020


1 tattoo


You must feel exciting to have the same tattoo as your best friend. How the fun will be if the tattoo is of the same leave as of them? It will be great of all. This friend tattoo is of something much creative and best for both of them.


tattoo 2

A great tattoo at the same hands looks even more perfect. What about this unicorn tattoo which is much more admiring? The best design of the unicorn looks great in both the hands of friends.


tattoo 3

What about a tattoo for two girls’ best friends? A tattoo of two girls on the hands of best friends looks much admiring. It looks much cute in both the hands. This tattoo appears much sweet for girls to have for life.


tattoo 4

If both the friends have an interest in various structures and designs then why not get the tattoo of it! You can make it with various forms of designs which will look much beautiful and best on your hands.


tattoo 5

A simple and perfect tattoo of heart appears much wonderful and dashing on both the friends. It is the sweetest tattoo that will appear on your hands. The heart can include various designs of lines on it to make it even more attractive.


tattoo 6

If your best friend is a bit thin and you a bit thick then this tattoo will be a perfect match for you both. A heart design along with thick and thin written on it is much beautiful and sweet to have.


tattoo 7

If you feel that your friendship is like a diamond to you, then why not to have this tattoo on both of you! Diamond figure and for life written after it appears the best tattoo on both of the friend’s hands.


tattoo 8

Having promises for being best friends for life is the perfect promise to have between friends. A small sweetheart along with promise written on the right side will appear much perfect and wonderful together on the hands.


tattoo 9

What if your girl best friends are sisters for life. The lines which are famous include sisters from another mother. Why not have a tattoo of the same? It looks much better to have this tattoo on hands and to do a great start of all.


tattoo 10

Every friend loves cartoon characters in different forms. Here, Winnie the Pooh and Piglet friendship never apart from them. Friends can have this tattoo in their hands to have a good look at their bond and connection.


tattoo 11

A beautiful rose tattoo is something attractive between friends. It appears much cute and wonderful between them. Why not have yours on your hands! It will look much nice and great in both of them.


tattoo 13

A beautiful rose is a much wonderful thing to have. But when its a tattoo, what the other best thing to have then. It is great to have the tattoo of a flower in both the hands of yours and your friends.


tattoo 14

You and your friend always want to keep the friendship safe. What’s the decision to have a tattoo of that! A tattoo of keeping me safe is a much exciting and cute thing to have on hands. Grab yours and your friend’s hand for this tattoo.


tattoo 15

Do you and your friend love cat? Why not have a tattoo of the same! Nothing is sweeter than to have a cute sleeping tattoo of a cat on yours and your friend’s hand.


tattoo 16

If you have a group of your friends then why not have a group tattoo on all of the friend’s hands. A small heart and design of the heartbeat will appear much sweet on all of the hands.


tattoo 17

A sweet and simple tattoo looks great in both the hands of best friends. The tattoo of breathing here is much perfect than anything. It will make good binding together which also means that you will stay together till the last breath.


tattoo 19

The tattoo of text is always up to the best of all. Including various funny and cute texts in the tattoo will make it appear best of all. Here in this picture, it’s all cute and wonderful to have the tattoo up the elbow.


tattoo 21

Cross of two fingers means we’ll be never apart between. This tattoo shows a great bond between two best friends. That’s great to have this tattoo to increase the bond of friendship between the two.


tattoo 20

What’s the thought of having the tattoo of girls bond between them. Afros it will look much interesting in yours and your friend’s hand. Get yours too for a wonderful and elegant look.


tattoo 18

How cute it will look when you and your friend have the bond just the same as a moon and a sun. It will be more than anything. Get yours too to share a special bond of friendship between you too.


tattoo 12

It is glad to have a friend who can go through all the risks and will be there with you every time. The tattoo of for her I’d risk it all is much sweetest to have. Show this promise between you too as a tattoo on yours.


tattoo 22

As we all know that rain is incomplete without a beautiful rainbow. The same person is incomplete without their best friend. This tattoo is truly a good reflection of it. It shows a good bond between two best friends.


tattoo 23

The tattoo of the birth year appears to remember when the true friends were born. One friend can have the tattoo of the birth year of their friend, the same the other one can have.


tattoo 24

A lock can never be opened without a key. Similarly, a friend is a key solution to every query of their friend. This tattoo is a perfect signal to both of them. It is wonderful to have it on hand.


tattoo 25

Colorful flowers are the much common thing in a friendship. Everyone loves flowers of any kind. When it comes to a tattoo, it is the best thing to have on. Both friends can have this in their hands to give a good common thing to them.



tattoo 26

A subject is incomplete without its predicate. Just the same a person is incomplete without their friend. This tattoo is the best example of the same. Have yours and increase your bond with this.


tattoo 27

The beautiful connection is between the three friends. They share a great bonding. This tattoo is the most perfect thing to have on with it. The girl speaking in a heart to the other girl is the sweetest of everything.


tattoo 28

Beautiful designs are great things to have as a tattoo. Having this tattoo in both friend’s shoulders is cutest of all. Have yours too and get a great connection with your friend.


tattoo 29


The tattoo of sweet sentences in the hands of friends is the best ton have on. It appears as the sweetest thing in hands. being in this connection with your friend is good to get.


tattoo 30

What if you have your elder sister as your best friend. It is more perfect to have this as your tattoo. The tattoo of Lil’s sister and big sister is beautiful to have. Have yours too to share this as a wonderful bond.


tattoo 31

A bird has two wings and even one wing breaks, it affects the other one too. The same is in friendship too. The two best friend tattoo can have this tattoo of a feather on both. The left one and the right on another Will appear much amazing.


tattoo 32

Every person loves the tattoo of feet. What if, it is in your friend’s feet too? It will be much amazing to have that. Get your and your friend’s too to share this fun with them.


tattoo 34

Perfect designs a perfect combination when you have them as a tattoo. The same will look even more best when you have them on your friend’s hand too. Get yours to have a perfect look at your hands for the same.


tattoo 36

This tattoo is even too cute to have. If you and your friend are much interested in planets and rockets you can try these best friend tattoo, then this is the best tattoo to have. It will look great and will make even more interesting the discussion of planets in your mind.


tattoo 33

Every person loves puzzles and they even have a good memory with their friends when they use to play puzzles with them. Setting them together and playing with puzzles is a good memory to have. Why not get it in yours and your friend”s hands? It will appear great in both of them,


tattoo 35

A small tattoo with few sweet words is always to the bat. IF you have the same as your friend it will not only increase the friendship but will keep it last longer too. Have it and increase this special bond of friendship with this tattoo.


tattoo 37

Leaf designs are much catchy and wonderful in look. They appear in a beautiful form when we look at them. Having leaf as a tattoo with your best friend will show love for the same design which you both have. Have this and get the best combination of the leaf as a tattoo.


tattoo 38

Every kid loves the cute ghosts and the face they have. Their funny faces even look cuter when we see them. If you will have them and share as a tattoo with your friends to have this as a perfect bond. Then try these best friend tattoo.


tattoo 40

The airplane designs appear creative when we have them. They are more than having a good form of a collection of trips that we visited. What if you have them as a tattoo? It will be much great if you have them with your friends too.



tattoo 39

The sentence of no matter where and no matter what just completes the bond of love two that friends have. A beautiful design on it will even make it cuter. Have this with your friend will make it appear perfect to have.


tattoo 41

Gurl power is the best word that makes every girl feels about her inner power. The girl’s best friends having this tattoo makes them feel about their strength and also shows the bond of friendship between them.


tattoo 42

The bond of animals is much cute than ever. This bond of Giraffe and elephant is so beautiful to see. The tattoo of this in your and your friend’s hand will look even much cute to have.


tattoo 43

Promise plays a great role in the bond of friendship. Having this as a tattoo is such a cute thing to have. Get yours too with your friends and share this bond of friendship with them.


tattoo 44

The bond of friendship lasts long and stays always these are best friend tattoo for you. Similarly, this always tattoo is the bond of this togetherness and beautiful to have. Why not get this in yours too.


tattoo 45

If someone asks what’s the best thing you got, then the best friends will reply we got this. They mean that they got this bond of friendship. This tattoo of we got this appears sweet in both hands of friends.


tattoo 46

The great thing which a person gets in their life is none other than a friendship and its best friend tattoo. This bond is much more than anything. This tattoo of life reflects the best friendship of two people.


tattoo 47

Friendship stays to and beyond the two best friends. Same as this tattoo of to in one hand and beyond on the other hand fit to the best. Get yours and your friends too and share friendship among both.


tattoo 48

After coaching or after college the great memories are created when the two friends go to the canteen for having cooldrinks. This they will later miss when they will grow old. This best friend tattoo of two glass of drinks will make them remember their memories.


tattoo 49

The weird tattoo of these aliens looks cuter than ever. Get yours too and this with your friends to have the same.


tattoo 50

The friendship group is full of fun and it includes much fun and memories together. Why not have the tattoo of the same including many planets on it. It is one of the best friend tattoo on our list.

Wrapping Up

I hope these tattoos were interesting to watch them. get yours too by having anyone from these. Tell us in the comment section about your favourite tattoo. Also, read our more articles for more information.

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