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How To Change Icon Size On Windows 10

Here on this page, we have discussed how you can change icon size on Windows 10 along with how users can change the desktop as well as shortcut and folder icons on their Windows 10 device. The desktop icon has the appearance on Windows devices

How To Turn off Discord Notifications on PC

Turn off Discord Notifications on PC | Windows 7 to Windows 10 Getting notifications from applications installed on your computer is quite annoying sometimes. Because if you want to focus on one thing it can’t be possible if you continue receiving notifications on your system.

5 Ways On Move A Window That is off Screen

If you’re using Microsoft Windows that you know what I am talking about, Basically, I had a window that shows how goes to sleep mode or off-screen while working. However, right-click on the window will bring it back from off-screen. But there is no way

4 Ways To Enable Administrator Account In Windows 10

Enable Administrator Account Windows 10 If you’re Windows 10 user then you must know when you’re on the Windows login screen or welcome screen the Administrator login option is not enabled by default in Windows 10. However, there are some methods that are available to

Taskbar Won’t Hide in Windows 10, 11 – Fixed

This articel explains what to do if your PC Taskbar Won’t Hide. Mainly most of the Windows 10 Taskbar displayed properly on the bottom of the system screen. Well, most Microsoft Windows 10 users don’t that taskbar can easily be hidden. However, some of the