How To Screen Share on Mac – Step by Step

In the period of quarantine or at times when you cannot move out to your workplace due to any issue or maybe you’re out of the station and gotta work. Wherever you are, screen sharing is a fantastic option that allows you to share the screen of your device with the Mac at your workplace. Which eventually will display anything and everything from that specific computer to the one.

Who has so that you can work from wherever you are and cut up your holidays and increase your pay. To screen share means to display one device’s screen onto the other parallel. To screen share on Mac will go like displaying any off-campus device’s same screen onto a Macintosh computer.

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Things To Consider To Share Screen On Mac

Now you can have any one of the two either an iMac or a Macbòok connected in an ethernet.  You have to have another iMac or Macbook or any other device to connect to your Mac on campus. All you have to do is on the computer wired in ethernet, connect to the internet, and then follow up to system preferences and then to sharing first.

Checkout screen sharing out there, which will eventually allow it to screen share from the other device and view it on the desktop from wherever.  Not further go to the computer settings and let the VNC viewers control the screen with a password and create one, just in a ritual to help secure down your Macintosh computer so that anybody else cannot get connected to it.

Now you may check or uncheck it, eventually doesn’t matter.  You gotta, according to preference setup, how many people or something like that can connect to the computer. By default, you will be the only administrator, so you don’t gotta check yourself.

Step By Step Process To Share Screen Over Mac

Now that screen sharing is checked, to follow the process smoothly, Follow the step by step instructions given below.

Step 1:

Go to the iCloud and check if you sign-in with an apple I’d or not and your domain I’d. Now in any other case, go ahead and create one or sign in or whatever. Now, this is not compulsory, but it just makes the process smoother.

Step 2:

After all the parts, click next, check or uncheck the appeared boxes and get further, scroll a bit and click on ‘Back to my Mac.’ By this, your account gets registered with your Mac, so that screen sharing is easy. Now switch over to the device not connected to the ethernet.

Step 3:

Now you have to connect to the other one to give success to the screen sharing process.  Connect to the internet and switch the VPN on and connect it. Now finishing up the process, open up the finder window, and under the ‘shared’ section, you will see your Mac.

Step 4:

Further, when you click on it, you will see a ‘share scrèen’ option; all you gotta do is go ahead and click that, log in with the respective credentials with which you login in onto your another Mac.  And finally, now you’re connected to the macintosh at your workplace or say the other Mac.