How To Remove Unwanted Contacts In Gmail

When you take a look on you contacts numbers or emails address in your Gmail account you probably. Some of the contacts are not using the same goes for the email addresses. But you think removing unwanted contacts from your Gmail account was such a drag !.

But I will tell a simple way to remove contacts that you don’t want to keep on your Google contact group. Recently I’ve to notice My contacts were increasing randomly and when I check them are lots of contacts are not useful for me.

Then, I discover a way to delete some unwanted contacts from Google contacts, So I think I share this
the trick with you.

Removing Unwanted Contacts From Gmail

Generally, there is two ways to remove unwanted contacts, the first is through Gmail and another is by Google Contacts.

Here, you see how you can delete contacts from your Gmail account.

Step 1 : 

Open Contacts from Gmail Account

Step 2 : 

Now you have to find the contact you want to remove from All Contacts section

Step 3 :

When you find unwanted contact from the list. Click on ‘Three Dots’ 

Step 4 : 

Click on ‘Remove from the All Contact List’  or ‘Delete’

Until now it’s all good, here’s the catch you’ve accidentally delete the contact that was most important to you, So you recover it.

Although, Google Contacts offer its users to recover deleted contacts within 30 days after deleting a contact. After that time deleted contact will be removed permanently.

Hope this article, Helped you to know how you can easily delete contacts using a Gmail account and you can also recover them in a limited time period.


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