How To Remove Someone From Hulu Account

Do you use Hulu for TV stream? Then it is sure that you love watching your favorite TV shows, Originals, Movies and a lot more on your Hulu Application or Desktop Account. But the main problem that you may face in Hulu is the people who come and use your Hulu account as a guest. You may see that you are paying charges for Hulu stream but that person is using your Hulu account as free service.

Now you want to remove that person from your Hulu Account. But you want to know the exact answer to the question How to remove someone from Hulu account. You may know that there are a lot of guides available online. But still, you are unable to find the right post or guide to help you get the right answer to How to remove someone from the Hulu account. 

Here we are to help you with such a problem. We are going to tell you the exact way, through which you can easily remove someone from Hulu Account. To do so, you have to follow the steps mentioned below : 

remove friend from hulu account

Follow The Below Steps To Remove Someone From Hulu Account : 

Some people use Hulu Account on their Laptop or computer and some people use the Hulu smartphone application. So the way to remove someone is the same but the steps are different on both of the devices due to different interfaces. 

For Desktop Users : 

  • If you are using Hulu on Desktop or Laptop then Open Hulu Website. 
  • Login here on Hulu with your login credentials.
  • Hover over the profile picture icon and click “My Account”. 
  • Here you will see the profiles of people who use your Account. 
  • You will see a pencil icon just next to the profiles. 
  • Click on the Pencil icon of the Profile that you want to remove. 
  • Now click on Delete profile. 
  • Congrats!!! You have successfully deleted a profile from your Hulu Account. 

For Smartphone Users : 

  • If you are a Hulu Mobile App user then open the Hulu App in Your Smartphone. 
  • Login to your Hulu account using your username and password. 
  • Here click on your Profile Picture. 
  • Click On the “Account” button. 
  • Here You will find Profiles of other people. 
  • Click on Edit Profile and then delete that profile. 

Don’t Forget To Change Your Hulu Account Password : 

If you are removing the people from your Hulu Account and thinking that they will not be able to use your account after you have removed them successfully from your Hulu Account. Then you are wrong. Because you have to change your Hulu Account Password also if you want to restrict them to use your Hulu Account. So keep in mind to Change your Hulu Account Password Also.