10 Quote Maker App for Android and iPhone

Searching for the quote maker apps for Android as well as iPhone? With the help of these apps, you can take your quotes writing to the next level with the help of images, style font, etc. All applications listed here are free to use on both Android and iOS devices.

5 Best Quote Maker For Android Phone & Tablet

These are some popular quote maker for android devices for quotes writing. You can directly download the apps from Google Store and install it on your phone or tablet running on Android OS.

1. Quote Maker and Quote Creator

This application will give the various kinds of beautiful photos with the quote written on it. For image improvement, the settings are available there. It has the color of the background, fonts, filters, and even many more are there in it. There will be a unique presentation and an unrepeatable form.

quote maker

Here, users will find varieties of citations in different types of categories. There are funny stickers available along with the framing of the photos, and much more. Users can smoothly do the creation of the various kinds of quotes as per their way. As along with the backgrounds of standard forms, users can get it as per their needs. For being even more creative, this app will literally serve to the best of the users.

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2. Picture Quotes and Creator

This application is best for the creation of the images along with various kinds of phrases that can be easily downloaded and can even share by the user to various social media platforms. Users can do the selection of the photo that they have saved on the device or can even take a new for it for quotes writing.

Picture Quotes

There are various quotes available with the wonderful topics of inspirational, motivational, love, and also related to life. Therefore, users can select the background with the choice of high-quality based on the various types of collections.

Users can also do the best adjusting along with the selection of the color which will depend on the type of font, line-height, font-size, and on the alignment. Along with this, there are various categories also of the types of quotes.

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3. Text Swag

Users can easily create here the perfect quotes in a stylish form. They can also make designs of beautiful types quotes writing for uploading them on various social media platforms. Sharing of the memories with the use of flyers and ads is the best service by them. Developers have made the perfect combinations of fonts in different kinds of formats. Users can pick the various types of signatures and most of them will also be inspired by it.

Typography generator

Users can impress their friends by showing the various kinds of designs along with the combinations of verbal in bright type. It is the easiest to share along with social media. There are also the filters for the images which are fully different according to their properties. By selecting the image, changing the text, and then doing the determination of the style users can get the best use of it.

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4. Quotes Creator

This is the best application which gives the allowance for the quick and convenient creation of the quotes. The images are in creation here with the beautiful types of pictures along with the text in the quote form. Users can easily do the selection of the background along with the text, effects, colors, and various fonts.

Quotes Creator app

Users are given here 60 kinds of backgrounds in which they can do the selection as per their needs. By doing the double click on the picture, a field will occur on the screen for the entering of the quote or the selection of the extensive databases of the required program.

Moreover, Users here also can do the selection of the font and can do the adjusting of the required size. When the users will use this app, they will get the best opportunity of creating wonderful work with the various forms here.

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5. FontMania

This application gives the photos into the form of greeting cards, messages of inspirational, and also of various kinds of quotes for wishes. It includes the art graphics in the original form and also the fonts of best-selected types along with the various alternatives for the editing of them.

Text on Photo

Users can easily express themselves in their language as each of the fonts has Cyrillic in it. Putting the font in the hashtag of Fontmania and also sharing it for the best creativity with other people that can be easily published in the required account.

It will allow the users for the creation of images in vivid forms on various social media platforms. For the decoration of the pictures with different expressions on it. The wallpapers creating with text and beautiful attractive graphics.

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5 Best Quote Maker For iPhone & iPad

These are some of the best and most download quote maker application for iOS devices. You can download these apps from Apple Store for free of cost and install it on your iPhone or iPad.

 1. A Beautiful Mess

If the users want a wonderful decoration along with the quote image on it, then this is the best app for it. The images in edited form can be shared easily on social media and can also be in transfer through E-mail.

A Design Kit app

There are new Doodles available there for the users of iOS where users can get the textures of painting along with the making of quotes to look much attractive.

Though the interface use is much enough a few of them give the review of revealing that it gives the best navigation. As social media is having various quotes that are inspiring everyone due to which community is also growing and are uploading quotes.

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2. Text on Photo by Phonto

There are various features on this quotes writing app that are literally as same as the other forms of competitors in the required way. The best interesting thing here to understand is the allowance which it gives to the users for the addition of the quotes to videos also. It’s one of the best quote maker for iPhone from our list.

Phonto app

Users can upload here the videos and can then merge for the inspirational quote along with the appearance of taking the attention from social media. The only disadvantage here is that this app gives the large watermark at the downward side of the given image which can be a distraction for the viewers. Though users can get the subscription here for getting rid of the watermark.

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3. Instaquote photos Quote Maker

This app is the best solution if there is a need for image styling. Users will get access to creating the best backgrounds in the library of this app. Users can download the new one if they want from their devices. Most of the professionals give the preference for the use of this quote maker app for the addition of the name of brands.

photo quote maker

The vision statements, mission statements, and also various effects are there on the marketing that are related to the collections of images. The reviews give the revealing that this app suddenly crashes and stops in between. Due to this, users must be careful while making designs here.

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4. Text2Pic

This Quote Maker app offers the users a various range of options for formatting with the use of different kinds of editing tools. It also has capabilities of 3D along with shadowing. It gives a direct connection to the social network by which people can get the uploading of the quotes.

Text2Pic app

The only disadvantage here is that it doesn’t allow the users to get their own photos for the background. Though users can get the use of various kinds of backgrounds from the library. The downloading of this app is fully free and users can directly start the decoration of the photos and then can upload them with quotes writing.

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5. Canva

Canva is literally the first name that comes in every thought of the person when they want to make a quote in the picture along with text on it. It includes a bunch of templates that come in free or in paid form. Users just have to do the selection of the template and then write text there and save it.



If the users want to do the exploring, then it has various options in additional forms. There are various quotes available for quotes writing there that are best and are also great to have.

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Wrapping Up

I hope this information made the readers understand about the various apps that they can have for making the quotes. Tell us as feedback in the comment section below. Also, read our more topics for more info.

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