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How To Take A Screenshot On Android Phone

Nowadays, every single person carries a smartphone with them because the phone you carry can operate a lot of functions including camera, music, photos, text, messaging, video, and more. These all features become an important thing in your life. When waking up in the early

How I Can Rearrange Windows 10 Action Center

If you upgraded your computer or laptops with new Windows 10 then you find a unified place for all system notifications and quick access to different settings yes you heard me right Windows 10 Action Center. If you are addicted to customizing your windows with

How To Run Old Software on Windows 10

Microsoft recently launched its new Windows 10 for all Windows devices. Windows 10 size is 2GB approximately although after the launch Windows 10 is automatically installed on your computer and laptops. After installing Windows 10 I found that Microsoft makes a lot of changes in