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7 Mistakes To Avoid Weak Security WiFi In 2022

The Network Security companies working hard to protect their customers from data breach attacks but first of all you have to take care of your WiFi security. Although a lot of security networks customer Network project vice working on new technologies and software to secure

How To Connect Sharing App Xender For PC via WiFi

This is a comprehensive guide based on connecting Xender For PC using WiFi on Windows 10, Windows 11 PCs. One of the best features of smartphones and tablets was sharing files and folders along with images and videos. A few years ago, we can’t share

Blogger vs WordPress? What To Choose In 2022?

In 21th Century,  Content Marketing is the most popular issue and keyword that searched on various search engines. So one of the best secure ways to earn online money is blogging in a single day more than 10 million posts were published vice various blogs.

Essential Tips To Protect From Data Breach

Nowadays protecting your network security is the main issue because a lot of cyber-attacks happened in few years. The number of data breaches was increased 27.5 % in 2014 and these type of incidents mainly occurs to the leading bigger business companies. Then imagine what