5 Open Source CAD Software Free

1. FreeCAD

FreeCAD Software Download

This one is an open-source parametric modeler which is primarily made to design real-life objects regarding any shape or size. It can easily allow you to modify your design by taking you back into the history of your created models where you can modify. The already created model, the way you want it. The software has inbuilt geometry which gives you 2d figures as a base for other objects.

It carries a lot of ingredients to accommodate the dimensions or extort the specifications of design from 3d models. To generate high and good spirit generation spontaneous drawings. This one can fit into a lot of parameters like designing mechanical engineering and architecture etc.

2. BlocksCAD



This one is a cloud-based 3d modelling tool that lets and motivates its users to learn the base of 3d modelling. That is how to create it by the math representation and computation thinking and concepts through visualization and design models. To be printed in 3d. This software is specifically made up of educational or learning purposes. This step is taken so that anyone can use it and learn stuff.

It is very simple software and can also be useful for your needs if you only intend to create simple stuff. If you are not someone for complicated things like engineering, architecture or mechanical design or something like that then this app is for you. It’s one of the best CAD Software free to use on Mac and Windows computer without having a hassle.

3. TurboCAD


This is a high-performance designer software that offers professional comprehensive architectural and mechanical. The CAD features for drafting, detailing and 3d modelling and is affordable at the same time. It’s pro basic and platinum editions contain. General drafting tools as well as 3d architectural and mechanical design tools. Both of them can create soft as well as solid models. Only, the basic edition contains a limited set any kind of tools for models but the platinum one contains all the tools.

4. Sketchup

Sketch Up Software

This one comes with an open-source library of free model assemblies called 3d warehouse. It supports third-party plugins to improve the software’s functions. This one is quite easy, thanks to the highly customizable palettes. The program gives you the freedom to add or remove or maybe rearrange the palettes to appear the way you want.

Its large icon replaces the feature list of most CAD software thereby allowing you to easily find the commands. Most of the features provided by this app are fundamentally focused on 3d designing. This looks like a perfect plan for users who plan to visualize and communicate constructions for future projects.

5. Solidworks

QCAD Software

This is CAD software which allows users to create, simulate, publish and manage 3d models. Its technology intends to make engineering processes more efficient with tools for conceptual design, layout for the product, dynamics and strength, analysis and more. This has capabilities for rich simulation which help users to test product performance against real-life circumstances. Analytical properties help identify and resolve complicated assembly issues during the initial stages of product development.

This app is specifically capable of large assembly designs that can contain over 100,000 parts. These complex assemblies are made simpler to manage using easy to use tools for creating and managing designs. Users can create a variety of sheet metal parts that are designed using specialized and flexible saltworks tools. It’s our last CAD software free to use in our list.