How to Make One Page Landscape in Word

In Microsoft Word, the users have two-page layout options while creating a word document. The Portrait Mode or Landscape Mode, and generally most of the MS word users prefer portrait mode which comes as default. But if you wanted to switch page layout to landscape mode in Word document.

If you wanted to use both page view option in MS Word, Then you ‘ve do use a few workarounds such as section breaks or Microsoft Word page formatting options. Well, you can also do that, using this article step by step instructions along with screenshots.

landscape mode in word

Make One Page Landscape in Word

If you have an individual page containing images and text, you wanted to switch the page layout of that from portrait to landscape. Well, you can easily do that, all you’ve to do is insert a section break. Then change the page formatting option to landscape for the particular page.

Follow these steps to make one-page landscape in a word document file.

1. Open Microsoft Word app from the Start menu or desktop shortcut. Now from the “File” given at the navigation bar. Browser the word file and open it.

2. Now, to get started find the page that you wanted to switch into landscape format. Then place the cursor at the very origin of the page.

3. Click on the Layout menu from the toolbar, then choose “Break” and then “Next Page” in the section breaks.

insert section break

This step will insert a section break which pushes the text and images of the page into the new page

4. Again, Go to the Layout menu, Select “Orientation ” and then “Landscape”.

landscape Word

This will change the current page along with other pages into the landscape format view.

Now all the pages after the section break will in landscape mode. But we needed to change only one page. For this, you’ve to change the remaining pages into portrait mode.

5. Go the next page after that page which you wanted in landscape mode. then click at the very beginning of the page to place the cursor.

change landscape mode

6. We, follow a similar process, Go to the Layout menu, then select “Break” and then “Next Page” in section breaks.

landscape to portrait

7. After that, again select “Layout” Menu and then, Orientation > Portrait.

How to Make One Page Landscape in Word

This will switch page all the other pages into Portrait mode again. Now you have the page that you wanted in Landscape mode.

Originating Particular Text Landscape In Word

If you don’t want all the text on the page will display in landscape page for this you can compose a landscape page that only contains the particular text.

1. To get started, firstly select all the text on the page that you wanted to display on the landscape page.

text in landscape in word

2. Go to the Layout menu, then select “Margins” and then “Custom Margins” given at the bottom of the menu.

margins in word

3. In the Page Setup, select the “Landscape” option given under the Orientation section.

page margins in word

4. Go to the Apply To section box, then choose “Selected Text” and hit the “Ok” button.

Now you have the landscape page that contains the text which selected or highlighted. Create a section break to separate the page layout from the rest of the word document.

More likely, you can also use this method to convert inter-word document text into the landscape. For this, Press “CTRL+A” keys and then, Go to the Layout > Margins > Custom Margins > Landscape.

Final Words

Now, you have a method to make one page landscape in Word document. Along with another method to change the particular text into the landscape. Both methods are helpful for changing pages in word to landscape mode. Well, you can also try How to Turn ON Spell Check in Word which can be very useful.

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