How to Make Graph in Excel-Step by Step Guide

Wonder, how to make graph in excel. Searching steps for making a graph, then you’re on the perfect page! Here we will discuss all the steps which will enable you in creating a graph in MS Excel. Let’s move on to some information on Graphs in MS Excel.

What are Graphs in Excel?

Graphs are charts in Microsoft Excel. It occurs as a data representation in visual form. It gives a better understanding of the numbers along with the worksheets in it. The best tool allows us in displaying the data in various forms. It can be of formats like column, bar, line, surface, etc. is what we call charts. With the use of Excel, it is easier to create charts as per our way. They also give information that is in relation to various patterns and different frequencies. The perfect formats which will be best for the users are in a better fit for them.

How to Make a Graph in Excel

Here are the steps which will guide you in making a Graph in MS Excel

Step 1

Firstly, start with the opening of Microsoft Excel. It appears like a green box showing an X symbol on it on the left side.

Step 2

Now click on the Blank workbook which appears there on the screen. It is in actual a white color box on the upward side of the screen.

Step 3

After that, decide which type of Graph you need. On the basis of graphs, they are of three types. One is the line, which displays the sets of the data in the view of bars with horizontal formation. Another one is a bar that shows the view in vertical bars in different sets of data. Lastly, it is a pie that is in the form of a fraction of the whole. It shows the distribution in visual style.

Step 4

Now place headers in your graph. It will show you the labels for various sections of your data in the individual form.

Step 5

Add there the labels in the graph. They appear like separating rows of the requirements in data in the column. Each row has its own labels.

Step 6

The data on the graph now is to be there in addition. From the cell in the header and of the labels in the form, add the numbers for the graph there.

Step 7

Its time for your data selection. Click on the leftward side of the data and select all of it.

Step 8

Go to the insert tab. You will find it on the upward side of the window.

Step 9

Make a selection of the format of the graph. You have to click on the requirement of the version which you want. It is also an availability there to preview your document and see how it looks like.

Step 10

Now, you can select any title for your graph. While going to the design tab, click on the Chart Title option.

Step 11

After looking and viewing all the changes, click on the Save As option and save your file. Enter there the name of the document and save it.

Wrapping Up!

Also, you can make changes afterward as per your way. After all, it is easy to make graphs in Excel when you understand the steps properly. I hope this guide of Excel will help you a lot.

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