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How To Find Keywords For A Website

Blogging one of the best way to express your own views to the public without any investment or something like that. It’s also a great way to earn total passive income from home without doing anything. Around the world, there are thousands of successful bloggers earning more than $1000 or more from their blog.

There are two basic things that make your blog very successful first is backlinks and the second is keywords. You can gain backlinks from other websites or use some backlinks methods such as man moving method to gain more backlinks daily. In the simple word, the more backlinks your blog have the more your blog popular on the internet.

The Best way to get backlinks is from SEOClerk it is one of the best places to buy backlinks and lot another SEO service to boost your website’s popularity on the internet.

What are Keywords and How it helps a blog to become popular?

Keywords are the word used in the web page on your website, for example, if your website is based on the couch then your website keywords are such as Cheap Couch, Best Couch etc.

When and person searches for something related to your website such as “best and cheap couch available in fair prices” then search engine shows your website to that people and it visits your website and view the web page and gives its response via the comment box or give positive feedback about the product or service you review.

Why Keywords Important to Website

There are lots of reasons for which keywords are very important to build a successful blog or website in a lesser time period.

Short Explanation : 

In Short, if your blog has more than 20K or more keywords than from advertising such as Google Adsense you can daily earn more than $50 if you have more than 30K to 50K page views daily and to grow traffic on your blog you required three thinks.

Three things and that are Numbers of Backlinks, Number of High CPC keywords and number of web pages. Sometimes the domain also matters but there are a lot of new bloggers how to build their blogs in just one year or lesser time period.

So, I already tell you how you can easily get backlinks now I will tell how you get high cost per click (CPC) keywords with low completion.

How To Find Best Keyword For Website

There are a lot of things that you have to know before using any particular keyword on your website or blog new article.

Keywords on your blog are earning of your blog if you use higher CPC keywords on your blog then you can double or boost your daily earnings.

What are Higher CPC keywords? 

On the web there are billions of keywords for lots websites, there some website which has high CPC keywords and they earning very well to other websites owners.

It’s was so simple, Higher cost per click (CPC) means if you use the keyword such as “Cheap Car Insurance ” CPC is more than $50 per click.

Example : 

If your blog generates lots of page views daily. In this case, if you have higher CPC keywords than per click you earn awesome money.

( PageViews / RPM  ) *1000 = Earning

( CPC / Pageviews ) = Earning

These two are the formulas used for calculating advertising earnings, So your blog has high CPC keywords along with required traffic than you can your desired earning daily.

How To Find Higher CPC Keywords 








On the Internet there are lots of best SEO tools from which you can easily find keywords on your blog, Google also offers a keyword search tool for free to the publishers to search keywords.

But, I recommend you to use the most popular SEO keyword search tool called SEMRush for free and it offers its users to use lots of services such as web sites comparison,  Backlink Tracking etc.

What is SEMRush 

SEMRush is United State based SEO tool own by SEO experts and IT specialties in this tool you can easily find higher CPC keywords along with low competition.

You can read my SEMRush Review to know more about this SEO tool.

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I hope from this article you know little knowledge about is keywords and how you use them to boost your website or blog traffic along with daily earning. You can Subscribe to Us with your email address and follow us on social networking sites for hourly updates.