How To Use Microsoft Translator App For Windows 10

Microsoft Translator app for windows 10 allows you to translate any word into the language you want to read. However, the use of the app is only possible when you know how to use it to translate text on windows 10.

You can use this app to translate the webpage on edge, google chrome or internet explorer web browsers. Without having the hassle to download multiple web extensions for each web browser you used on a daily basis.

How To Use Microsoft Translator App In Windows 10

There are lots of benefits of Microsoft Translator app, you can use this app to translate the entire webpage.  In no time, with the help of this translator, you can easily translate images or the context of a full sentence. The application is free to download for Windows (OS) computers.

Moreover, of the feature that hard to find translator apps we have in Microsoft Translator. The app allows you to translate video, audio and external media files on your computer.

Follow the below-given step by step instructions to know how to use MS Translator App –

  1. Firstly, Download Microsoft Translator App on your Windows 10 Computer.
  2. Now install the application from the recently downloaded file.
  3. Next, open Mircosoft Translator Windows 10 App on your system.
  4. Choose the Translator tab on the app and then select Text.
  5. After this choose from and to language in the app.
  6. Type the sentence that wishes to translate or copy/paste your text from a webpage or PDF.

 How To Use Microsoft Translator App In Edge Browser

In order to use Microsoft Translator App in the Microsoft Edge web browser. You’ve to download and install a web extension of the MS Translator app for free. After installing the extension application can easily able to translate any webpage from the right to bottom icon of the Microsoft Translator app or you can also access it through the Right Click menu in the edge browser.