How to Turn on Airdrop on Mac

How to Turn on Airdrop on Mac? When you want to get the files transferred to your Mac the need of Airdrop is there for such requirement. Airdrop is needed for entering the email along with the required location. The Airdrop feature can be used for such files between the two of the devices. Meanwhile, know how you can screen share on Mac to communicate through video calling.

The same network is also not needed for it. You need to take care that Airdrop doesn’t get access to the devices between macs and iOS. As for such devices, you need to get the network access to it. Any type of file can be sent through this Airdrop.

How to Turn on Airdrop on Mac

Here are the explained steps which enable you to connect the airdrop device to your Mac and you can get access to the files sharing with the other device to yours:-

Step 1

. PCs with some of the versions have the connection of much older one which is bot better to connect the device. You can get the Airdrop on such older devices.

Mac through the use of the terminal which you can get in the folder of applications on your device. Although you can follow the command for it by which it is much easier to connect to it.

Step 2

Now open the Airdrop on both of the devices in which you want to connect it. For the connection, it needs to be open in both of the macs. The devices need to run the OS server. If the versions are older on your Mac.

Then it has to get the same connected network as it has on the other device. You can get this by clicking on the left side of the window and pressing the command button along with the shift button.

Step 3

Wait for a while to let airdrop feature occur in both the devices. It takes a few minutes to appear on the screen. When it gets connected, the option shown on the other device shows the airdrop feature there. If it is not showing then reconnect it and make sure it is near your device.

Step 4

Now move the files to the place where you want to send it to your device. Drag the files there to the Mac and transfer it there. After that, select the send option to get the request from the device.

Step 5

In the other device, accept the file that is sent by another device. Once the transfer is done a piece of information about it appears on the other Mac. Select the save option in your Mac.

Step 6

Give some time to the file to transfer and then confirm it to get with the progress done, and it shows the files in the download option of your Mac.

Step 7

Now you can open the new files which you have transferred. It appears in the folder of downloads that you can get from the screen.