How to Translate a Word Document

If you hold a document which is in a certain specific language that you are either unable to understand or finding it difficult to understand and you don’t have anybody who can make the particular language convenient for you then what would be easier than getting it translated in the language easily understandable to you?

You can use the TRANSLATE option of MS Word to do the task. Though the translation is not very specific and accurate it in anyway eases the task of understanding the document. It can translate any document of a certain language into some other language,

Steps To Follow To Translate A Word Document

whichever is available in the software.  Now suppose you have content in say, English and you want to translate it.

Step 1:

 The first step to do the task is, on the top left side on the review tab; there is an option of ‘Translate’.

Step 2:

When you click on it, you get some sub-options

Now In Case,

1. You Want To Translate The Whole Document

You will select the first sub-option in the translate option menu, that says ‘Translate Document’. After you click on it you will be taken to a translator browser. Now on the tab above the text is given languages inbuilt in the system. Here you can select the language in which you want your document to be translated.

Now you have to click on the arrow just next to the language option and as soon as you click on it, the whole text will get translated into the selected language.

Now with the help of the language bars above you can convert the document of any language into the document of any other language with ease.

Now, this won’t be 100% accurate but it will be accurate to an extent that you can understand it.

Now next to the arrow button you will find an option ‘View’ where you can select any option and have a look at both the language data simultaneously either to compare or to understand better.

2. You Want to Translate Selected Text

This is the second sub-option in the translate option menu, which is used if you want to translate a particular word, sentence, paragraph etc. 

To use this you have to select the text you want to translate, and then go to ‘translate’ and then ‘translate selected text’ option. A dialogue box appears. Click ‘Yes’ on it and a website will open where on the side there will be the option of languages to translate from and into.

You need to select the specific language and as soon as you select the language. The translation will appear just below the language tab, from there you can either copy or insult it as well.

3. Mini Translator

If you want a translation of a particular word, sentence or paragraph immediately than you can use this option; Here you go to the translate option and to use a mini translator, the bottom-most line will be written ‘Choose Translation Language. Click on it and it will ask you the language pattern for the translation and you select your desired language. After that whichever text you select from that particular document, it will immediately appear translated to you.

You can also have the whole content translated using a mini translator, you just have to select the whole document and the translation will appear on the screen. Now the box in which the translation appears has some options on the bottom, for convenient and attractive reading. Also, there is an option of ‘Play’ where you can hear the whole text which you have converted. So, these are the three ways by which you can easily translate any word document.