How To Restart iPhone 7 (3 Working Methods)

Wonders, How To Restart iPhone 7. You must know that there are more 3 ways to turn on or off the iPhone.

Smartphones have become a touchstone of life for almost all of us. It affects everything like how we do our jobs, how we interact with our friends and family. Moreover, even how we can get access to critical information like our banking and healthcare details.

But are we perform the proper care of it? Experts say that knowing even a little bit simple care tips, such as how often to shut our smartphones down, can profoundly affect how well our phone will continue to perform in the older stages.

Things To Know About iPhone Restarting

Which means, the very much keen knowledge of when to turn our smartphone on and off, can cost us thousands of rupees in the end, while pre-maturely replacing our old phone. But the question is, how often should we shut off our smartphones?

  • It is as opposed to how often we need to shut down our computers. Our smartphone has a hard and fast rule we should live in. Once a week, we should shut it off. We must let it rest at least for one minute, and then we should fire it back up.
  • There are multiple reasons why we are supposed to restart our phone for at least once a week. It is for a good cause. To retain the memory, to prevent crashes, to run more smoothly, and to prolong the essential battery life. Let’s talk first about all the applications that we use daily.
  • For most of the cases, the particular application gets closed, but rather, it gets put into an iPhone in the state where it can easily restart faster.

Now, please think about how many applications are open, they are slowly eating the memory and battery power on our phone, and think about all times we have assumed that our phone has drained entirely too fast. Restarting our phone clears the open application and memory leaks, and our phone gets rid of anything draining the battery.

There are also other things we can do to help prolong our smartphone battery. We often see that crashing happens for various reasons, but not restarting our phone can have a severe effect here as well. When every update, page loadings, and app installation or deletion will add and remove the code in the operating system of our phone.

How To Restart iPhone 7  – Step by Step Guide

Restarting our phone will eliminate most of the unwanted issues, and it will get our phone working better than before.

Now, if you are an iPhone user, especially an iPhone 7 owner, then keep reading this article as we are going to discuss the methodology of restarting the iPhone 7. Follow the below-mentioned processes.

First Method: Restart iPhone Using Power Button

You can make your iPhone start by pressing the Power (also known as sleep/wake) button until a slider appears on the screen. Now, you have to drag the slider to turn off the phone. Next, you have to wait for a while as your phone vibrates and turns off. After this, when the device gets switched off, hold the power button again till you see the Apple logo.

Second Method: Restart iPhone Using Power + Volume Button

At first, you have to press the Power button on the device. Then, holding the Power button, you have to press the Volume down button. It would be best if you kept holding both the buttons for another nine to ten seconds. You will see that the screen will go blank and the phone will start vibrating. Then the logo of Apple will appear on the screen.

Third Method: Restart iPhone Using Charger

You can make sure that your phone is not dead permanently by just connecting your phone with its charger and plugging the charger into a socket. If you find that your phone is getting charged after that Apple logo surpasses, then your phone had got its battery dead only, and it will get its aura back after some time.

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