How To Enable the Site Specific Browser In Firefox


Site-specific browser, in shortly spelled as SSB, is a software application, which enables surfing on pages from one source on the given computer network. Some browsers are mostly used through the common framework like internet explorer in the required web application. You can either do the social network source like opening Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, can surf email or for any other business purpose. The latest version will show weather data with the provided location.

 Getting Through The Uses of SSB

Going with the functions in firefox, coming to the chrome will take you to your required location. The site-specific browsers will enable to use of different apps in the one browser itself. You can easily select the sites as per the requirement of your use. You can go through the given implementation and to the website which is currently in require for. Through the use of this, the experience which you will gain which will depend on the given site will be of a higher standard and will give an immediate response.

Stepping To The Ways

To go through the way, here are the following procedures that you need to follow:-

  • Firstly, you need to go to the configuring site for checking the address and then going to the past of the button.
  • In the given search option, you have to select the enabled button to enable the necessary browser search.
  • After that, you can see the value, then after pressing the arrow option, you have to right-click the tick option.
  • After certain procedures, again you have to start the browser.

Using The Browser

  • First of all, you have to go to the required website at which you want to visit and then use the app that you want.
  • Then select the framework that you want to choose from the web as a required program which will be as similar to the required desktop.
  • Click on the given dots in the given bar shown on the right of the website page.
  • You can select either the website as for the app purpose or you can directly launch it from the SSB.
  • By this, there will be immediately added a shortcut of the installed app on your desktop, which will allow you to access easily with your program.
  • After that, you can manage your website whenever required, by going to the menu and then selecting the browser.
  • By clicking on the site it will suddenly open it in the new windows then click on the right corner to open the website.

You can basically create the standard feature in firefox and can step forward for using it in a browser.