How to Create a Calendar in Excel – Step by Step Guide

Follow this article guide based on how to create a calendar in excel application on Windows or Mac. Now to create a calendar in Microsoft Excel, you usually go for a month calendar, and here in excel, its created as in that it is fillable and printable.

How to Create a Calendar in Excel

Follow these given below step by step instructions to make a calendar in MS Excel.

Step 1:

First of all, in the spreadsheet, you have to set up the margins by scrolling up to the page layout tab and then choosing margins and set them according to you where the suggestion says it to be of 1 inch and it works with most of the printers or maybe if you want a pdf of it. Preferably the calendar is created in the page layout view where generally it doesn’t matter.

Step 2:

If you want to change the view, go to the view tab on the tab and set it according to you. Now, you have a layout the days of week either Sunday to Saturday or Monday to Sunday or maybe skipping Sunday and Saturday as for in case of work week calendars.

Step 3:

Fill in the first cell with the particular day or title you want and then drag it throughout the row, so it auto-fills the days of weeks in all of them.

Now, in any case, it doesn’t auto-fills them, you may add them by going to options or maybe type them in depending on you.

Step 4:

Once you have them, you have to center them by going to the home tab and then choosing the center that will bold them and then give them color if you want.

Step 5:

Next up, you have to highlight all of the columns that have the days of the week and then adjust the size only with the content in the frame by dragging it. You have to highlight and drag all columns at the same time, so they get into the correct size.

Step 6:

Now you have to create an area for all the weeks; instead, you may enlarge the rows. You’re going to develop boxes around them by using borders. It will be made in a way so that it is fillable every week in case you choose to use it electronically.

Step 7:

Now for a rough idea, you have to create it for say six weeks. Now the area would be created for seven rows where each row is going to set at a point two one inches. And then simply borders are added around them.

Step 8:

Go up to the Home tab and choose outside borders, and then you may drag up to wherever you want the edge, and then you’ll get it.

Step 9:

Once you’re done with creating all the borders, it’ll start looking very appealing and creative.

Step 10:

You have to add the aim number for each of the days. Now, say the first day on the calendar fell on a Sunday, so you have to go to Sunday, and type 1, next to several days, will go in the series. That is the essential number series, or you may say the number+1 and do it till the end of your row.

Step 11:

Now, with a reference before the last number of the week’s end, I will decide the next amount, starting from the second week. Just continue and copy the same process.

  • •Or you might highlight and drag up, and the numbers will be filled and then delete up the ones which are not required as it is assumed to be a monthly calendar, and hence either 31 or 30 or 28/29 is the limit, and you have to anyhow stick to it.
  • ▪︎Get to the header and give it the title, so suppose it may be a month to say January, so you have to go to the header and type it.

Your fillable calendar is ready. It is an effortless, simple, and convenient way to create a calendar in excel and fillable too.

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