How To Block Emails on Outlook – Step by Step

Wondering, how to block emails on outlook. If you are tired of getting blatant spams or legitimate marketing messages that you aren’t interested in, then you would probably like to make them stop coming. Generally, unwanted emails clog up the inbox. Out of multiple ways, we’re going to cover two methods in this article where you can find how to stop or block the mails on the Microsoft Outlook.

How To Block Emails on Outlook

Step 1:

At first, launch the Microsoft Outlook application and go to the “Home” tab of it.

Step 2:

Now Right-click on any spam mail and select “junk”. Under junk, you will find several options like block sender, Never Block sender, never block this group or mailing list.

Step 3:

Left-click on “block sender”. Clicking on block sender leads to automatically filter the user’s future emails to the junk folder.

Step 4:

If you want to set the automatic junk mail filtering, then click on the junk icon under the home tab and then select the “junk e-mail options”.

Step 5:

After selecting junk e-mail options, you will get a dialogue box with several options written over there. You will get options like “no automatic filtering. Mail from blocked senders is still moved to junk email folder”, “low: move the most obvious junk e-mail to the junk e-mail folder”, “High: Most junk e-mail is caught but some regular mail may be caught as well. Check your junk e-mail folder often”, “safe lists only: only mail from people or domain on your safe senders’ list or safe recipients list will be delivered to your inbox”.

Step 6:

Please select a setting option which you think will be best in case of filtering then click on “ok”.

Step 7:

After that, select the safe senders’ tab and left-click on “Add”. This is for adding e-mail addresses that you are fine with getting e-mails from.

Step 8:

Give a tick on both the options like “also trust emails from my contacts” and on “automatically add people I email to the safe senders’ list”. Then click on “ok”.

In this way, following these methodologies, you will be able to block or filter the most unwanted e-mail on your Microsoft Outlook. Hopefully, you find how to block emails on outlook articles helpful to know the complete process of blocking email addresses on outlook without having a hassle.