How Many Square Feet is a 20×20 Room

Calculating Square Foot for Floor

As we go to the steps, it will be the figure to find out that it will be replaceable in determining the square foot of your rooms. The formula for such is also in figuring out the length of it. Therefore, if the room is 12 feet by 14 feet, it will result in 14×12 = 168 square feet.

• By going through certain discussions, a major problem that will occur is the measure of feet in the sense of longer or wider. For that purpose, it will be of the next round of foot. It will usually allow an extra purchase of floor in the required form of issues arising. By getting the total number of inches, it will be then divided by the square foot.

•As here, the math is a bit tough for that purpose, it will require the best calculator for that.

• As if the room is of square foot, then it will be added to the footage of other rooms and it will go for the reflooring to get the perfect square footage.

• By the time it gets completed the square foot of the room, by the use of flooring calculator, it will be easier to determine the project cost for its completion. Or you can also use the hardwood flooring or tile flooring calculator for that purpose.


For the calculation of the area, it will require the dimensions into that form. It can be in the form of width or length or also in height while measuring the wall. To get the area of a floor or of the ceiling, you have to multiply the length by the given width.

• By multiplying the width of the wall by the height you will get the area of its wall. For getting the square footage it will include total lengths in a together form. After adding the length, you have to multiply it with the height.

• As there are six feet square yards, then out of total twelve square feel of yard you have to calculate the yards in the room which can be easily in order of footage of floor of square feet.

• 20×20 means that it will equal to 400.

Also, it can be in the form of meters or kilometres. 


400 square feet in terms of sq.ft. 

400 sq. meters will be 4305.46 square meters