How Many Carats in the Hope Diamond? – [Explained]

The Hope Diamond was given its name by Henry Philip Hope, a wealthy British banker & ardent gem and art collector who was one of its first known owners. In this article, we will tell you about how many Carats in the Hope Diamond?

The Measure Of Carats In Hope Diamond

The weight of carats is about 45.552 i.e., about 9.1104 g. The cut is of Antique Cushion. It is found in the country of India. It also includes the Star of the East. The chain of the necklace includes about 45 white diamonds in it.

Its length of it is 25.60mm along with a width of 21.78 mm. The depth measures 12.00 mm. The cut is cushioned brilliantly of antique form which is faceted with the girdle. Clarity is in the form of VS1 and the presence of whitish graining is there. The color appears dark blue in grayish form.

Historical Information Of Hope Diamond

The history of the stone that was in the name of the Hope Diamond, begins with the traveler of the French. His name was Baptist Tavernier he made the purchase of about 112 3/16- a carat of Diamonds.

It was likely to be made from the Kollur mine which is in Golconda, India. It was in the shape of a triangular type and is cut in crude form. The color of it was in the description by the Tavernier as the beautiful form of violet.

He sold the diamonds to the Kind in the year 1668 along with other large diamonds. It was recreated in the year 1673 by SieurPitau who was a court jeweler. It came as a result of about 67 1/8 carat stone.

In the time of inventories of royal forms, the color was in the description of steely blue color. It later became the Blue Diamond of the Crown and also the French Blue.

How Many Carats in the Hope Diamond?

The Carat Jewels Of Hope Diamond

In the year 1749, the resetting of the stone was done by the court jeweler Andre Jacquemin. In the piece of ceremonial jewelry for the type of order of the Golden Fleece.

After one year, another attempt was made by Louis XVI the fleecing of France. After a week the looting of the jewels started and at that time the Blue Diamond was stolen.

In the year 1812, the blue dark color of the diamond was in the description by John Francillon. It was in weight about 177 grains which are in a total of 1 carat. It was in the documentary form of the possession made by the merchant of London, Daniel Eliason.

The basic evidence of the same gave the indication that the stone was in the French blue recut and in the same form of stone which is in today. Various references were made for it as today’s time of Hope Diamond.

Hope Diamond – A Great Diamond

About the time of for ten years hopes Diamond is in many exhibits and in charitable events too. The various attraction of charitable forms in the court of jewels exhibition has gained much height for it.

It also became a premier attraction at the Smithsonian Institution. The weight went to 44.5 carats in the report of it. Although, in the year 1974, it was taken as the setting and was eventually found as 45.52 carats.

The effect was of red strong color, which will be there for a few seconds and will give exposure. The blue coloration was in the attribute that the amounts of trace amounts of the boron in the given stone. Around that pendent, it is about 16 including the diamond.

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