Wondering, How Does DoorDash Works? [Explained]

As of 2020 Doordash is one of the most popular Food Delivery Service which delivers food from the restaurant right at your doorstep. So, how do DoorDash works? well, basically DoorDash provides you with a list of restaurants and foods to choose from to place your order. After placing your order you just need to pay for it then Ta-Da! a Dasher will be assigned to deliver your order from the restaurant to your home.

Well, that was just a quick & fast way to understand the working process of the DoorDash. Now in this article, we will explain the working process of Doordash.

Ordering Your Food From DoorDash

Step 1:

First you have to go to the DoorDash website or you can also use the DoorDash mobile app. (Download it from Playstore if you are using android and if you are using iPhone then. Download it from the Apple App Store.)

DoorDash Signup

Step 2:

Now click on the Signup option of the upper right side of the website which will take you to the account registration. The Process where you can either signup using your Facebook or Google account. You can fill the signup form to create a DoorDash account for you.

DoorDash Signup 2

Step 3:

After finishing the signup of the process, you will have to fill in your address in the given “Address box”. Where you want your food to be delivered. then just click on the search button and you will be displayed with a list of the restaurants to choose. which are nearby your area to choose from.

DoorDash picking restaurant

Step 4:

Now then you had to select a restaurant from the above list, after choosing a restaurant from the list. you will be able to see the details regarding its open hours, reviews and ratings from its earlier customers.

doordash restaurant details

Step 5:

And on the later downside of the restaurant page you will see various types of foods to choose from. So just select a food item you will like to order. Add extras that you would like it be with then tap on Add to Cart option. and if you like to other food items on your cart then just repeat the same process again.

doordash restaurant offerings

Step 6:

When all of the food items that you require are added in your cart then you will see the checkout page, where on the right side of it you will see the summary of your food orders in a breakdown format along with there price. once you confirmed your food order summary just tap on the Checkout button.

doordash checkout page

Step 6:

Once, you clicked on the checkout button. you will see the next page in which there is also an option to schedule your order. on the bottom of this you will see your address in google map below which there is an option to add a Payment Card.

Fill in your card details, also you can save your card details that can be used later. after which just tap on the Place Order button and Ta-Da your order is placed on DoorDash.

doordash add payment method

Step 7:

Next, you will see a page which will be showing you a larger google map dispalying your and your dasher’s location. and on the left side of the page you could see your order list along with your delivery address.

doordash order delivery

Step 8:

And after a dasher delivered your order at your doorstep you will see this page in which it will be asked to rate your experience with the DoorDash service.

doordash order delivered

You can repeat the same process whenver you would like to order again. And here is an article that helps to delete your DoorDash account and remove the card details from it

Delivering Food to the Customer (For Dashers)

Well first of all who are Dasher’s and what do they do?

Dashers’s are the local drivers who want to earn along with the flexibility of job all they can be there own boss. Dasher’s job is to pick up the food from the restaurant and deliver it to the customer. Daher are also known as DoorDash drivers.

Now are you interested to become a Dasher? how can one become Dasher?

First of all to become a Dasher you need to have your own vehicle, driving license and a good drving record. now that you have all of these, you can directly go to the DoorDash website to register as a Dasher. once you had signed up as a Dasher you had to wait for your application review and once accepted you will be a Dasher for the Doordash.

How do DoorDash drivers (Dashers) get paid?

According to the Doordash, It guarantees to pay a minimum of $1 for every delivery along with the 100% tips provided by the customers to him. In some time the minimum amount can be a lot higher specially during the festivals or busy times