How Many Grammy Awards Does John Legends Won?

Searching for the number of awards that John has won?  Let’s discuss it on this page with various other information on it. So, How Many Grammy Awards Does John Legends Won? Well, here the correct answer.

John the Legendary Personality

John Legend who is the singer of America is also a pianist and a well-known songwriter. He has won two awards at the MOBO and the BET awards. John received nominations of ten in number and won about five awards in it. He was also given the best performance award in the men vocal in the year 2006. His song Stay with you become much famous and he got nominated for it and won awards too.

The best album which he made was of getting Lifted, along with the Grammy award of the best new artist was his ultimate winning. The album of ordinary people reached its best and it was the great performance of him on it.  He won the Soul Train music award for this song.

More insights to the awards of John Legend

In the year 2007, John came into the name of six nominations and he received three awards. It was of the best performance of him in the Family affair, the male best voice in Heaven. He won Grammy award for this. For his song save room, he won Soul Train music awards.

In the year 2017, John Legend became the recipient in the Magazine of Smithsonian for the performing of the arts in it. In another year, John Legend was the first black man who got the EGOT along with the winning g in the Jesus Christ Superstar. If we take in total, then he won about 33 awards from the nominations of a total 88 in number.

1. Daytime and the Primetime Emmy Awards

John Legend won both these awards as the outstanding interactive for the program. For his best performance in the Crow: the legend he got this special award in his name.

Another award was for Jesus Christ Superstar Live. He won for the best concert for him. His performance here was as a producer.

2. Golden Globe and Grammy Awards

John Legend received the nomination and in actual won this award. He was awarded this for his best performance in the Glory. The category which it presented was of the best original song.

The other award which he won 11 times and the other times he was nominated for about 20 times.

3. Tony and American Music Awards

John Legend won the American Music awards one time as the favorite male and soul artist. He was also nominated for this award for about 5 times.

For another award, he won two times for his best performance in the ordinary people and Glory.

4. Billboard and Black Reel award

John Legend won two times for the billboard music award. He was nominated for the same for about 5 times. He won for the album of all of me.

For the Black Reel award, he won for shine, who did that to you and for glory. The other two times he was nominated for the same.

5. IHeart and Mnet Asian Music Awards

He was two times nominates for the IHeart awards. Though he did not win any of them. His nomination was for the All of me album.

For the Mnet awards, he won one award. The other two times he was nominated.

6. MTV and NAACP awards

John Legend won two times the MTV video music awards. For the other 6 times, he was nominated for the same.

For the NAACP image awards, he won 3 awards in it. The other 10 times he was nominated. He won for all of me, made to love and love in the future. Now, the question How Many Grammy Awards Does John Legends Won? has been explained,

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