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Global Cash Card Login – Paycard Account Online

Global Cash Card login in the web portal allows managing your credit card without having a hassle.

The Global Cash Card offers many advantages to cardholders in addition to eliminating the need to carry cash around them all the time in your pocket.

What is a Global Cash Card (GCC)?

The Global Cash Card is a platform to manage multiple credit cards to use to make an online payments for various purposes like shopping, bills and much more.

Services that GGC offers to their customers include free signature free payments, free cards to family members, upgraded Mastercard or Visa and a lot more.

It is not over yet, with the GGC Card you can also withdraw money any time you want over 43,000 all-point networks to supercharge-free ATM.

You’ve to create your account on Global Cash Card and then activate your card to use its service. You also get the first transaction fee per pay period.

Usage of Global Cash Card

You can use the Global Cash Card for the following purposes.

Know Account Balance :

Before making an online payment you can easily check your account balance to avoid declined transactions.

To know your balance for FREE you can either call to customer service number or log in to mobile banking.

You can also check your balance through Two-Way Texting. As we all know to check the balance at ATM you are charged $1 as a transaction fee.

ATM Cash Withdrawal:

You can easily withdraw a sum amount of money from over 45000 ATM points Mastercard/ Visa, MoneyPass, Network ATM supercharge fee.

After completing the first transactions for that pay period there will be a charge of $1.75 for each Cash Withdrawal.

You can use the card at any ATM machine however the withdrawal additional fee only applies to the ATM outside of the networks. More importantly, you may not exceed more than 5 ATM transactions within 24 hours.

Sale Purchase:

The Paycard is used to make purchases.

# Credit: There will be NO fee on the signature purchase. Because these purchase does not require the PIN. You can use this service at gas stations, retail stores, grocery stores, movie theatres, and many other merchants

# Debit: This option is for a recent issue card or when you want extra cashback from the sales purchases.

Bank Account Transfer:

You can transfer all or some amount of money from your bank account. If you use it for the first transaction period then there will no charges for the money transfer or else you’ve to pay $1 for each transaction.

Internet Shopping & Bills:

Internet shopping with a Visa Card is free of charge. You can use your Visa Paycard for online shopping or pay a monthly subscription to online services such as Netflix without having additional charges.

Benefits of Global Cash CardPay

These are some of the benefits that you can avail yourself of with your Global Cash Card.

Companion Cards:

The cardholders can request Free companion cards for family members. The cardholder can easily transfer the money to any companion card without a fee.

The companion card only has access to the money transferred from the cardholder card. This service is especially used by the parents of their children (college or students).

Rewards Program:

You can avail of the rewards program and get benefits and discounts on online shopping.

To get access to the rewards program you’ve to signup for it through GCC’s official website – to Individuals/Rewards & Discounts.

Add Money To Card:

The cardholder can add more money to their payment card at MoneyGram or Western Union locations. You’ve to pay almost $4.45 to $5.95  for each transfer to this merchant.

On the other hand, you don’t have to pay any fee to Global Cash Card for this service.

How To Activate The Global Cash Card (Step-by-Step)

Follow below-given step-by-step instructions below to activate your Global Cash Card login.

There are two methods to activate the GGC pay card. First, you can activate your card through customer support or through the internet.

After your first money deposit within 7 to 10 business days, you will get a Visa pay card embossed with your name sent to your home address.

After activating the Visa paycard you can transfer your funds instantly from a paycard to a new Visa paycard (don’t forget to read the cardholder agreement and disclosure).

Note: During the process of activation you select 4-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN). This number will be secret and allow secure access to ATMs, and shopping and sale retailers.

Customer Support:

To activate your PayCard you have to dial – 1-866-929-8096. This number will connect your phone to a Global Cash Card customer representative and then you’ve to follow the steps provided by the representative to activate your GCC paycard.


You’ve to visit the official website of GCC – activate your card you’ve to follow the voice prompt and the on-screen instructions to activate your paycard.

Global Cash Card Login – Step by Step

Once you’ve activated your card you can perform the online login through the global cash card login web portal. Follow the steps to know the complete process of login.

Step 1:

Open the web browser on your phone or PC (make sure your device is connected to the internet). After this enter the Global Cash Card web address – on the web browser.

Step 2:

Enter your Username and Password that you’ve created when you signup for the GCC.

Global Cash Card Login

Step 3:

Hit the login button and you’ll be login into your Global Cash Card account.

Customer Support:

  • Call Customer Service for assistance at 1-949-751-0360 (1-866-395-9200 within the U.S.).
  • 3972 Barranca Pkwy, Ste. J610, Irvine, CA 92606

FAQ:  Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to the Global Cash Card Login with complete information.

Can I transfer money from my global cash card to my bank account?

Yes, you can add more money to Global Cash Card (GCC). The cardholder can transfer money from a bank account to a paycard by MoneyGram or Western Union location. But these merchants charge $4.45 to $5.95 per transfer.

How do I check my Global Cash Card balance?

There are two options to check the balance in Global Cash Card. You can call on 1-888-220-4477 ( GCC Customer Service) GCC Customer Service or Go to and login into your account to check your balance.

How much money can a global cash card hold?

For the Gas Stations, the card holds up to $100 for the last 48 hours. Restaurants, with quick services, will be payable from paycard and Full-service restaurants may hold more than 25 percent charge to the bill.

Is Global Cash Card legit?

Yes, Global Cash Card is one of the safest and most secure online payroll systems with fast services.

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