10 Best Free Barcode Generator

Looking for free barcode generator, Check out complete list of online barcode generator applications on this short article. For commercial as well as non-commercial applications, the barcode is very important. We are here to tell you about 10 options as well as platforms from where you can generate barcodes free. These are based on the various operating system, android applications, and browser-based applications. You can go for the paid options also. Let us have a look.

Best Online Barcode Generator To Use In 2020

These are some of the best barcode generators that we gathered into this application. Moreover, all these web applications are free to use you can easily access them through the internet browsers on your devices such as mobile phones or computers.

1. HandiFox:

It is an inventory service item and it checks QOH values on your device. Purchase orders can be created as well as edited using this software. You can easily order the invoices, pick and pack sales orders. It has a feature of advance barcode generation and 2-dimensional barcoding. It has an inventory system for inventory management.


2. Easy Label:

You can manage categories easily using this software. You can save as well as reopen all of your saved works and print the layout whenever you want. You can add things manually in the contract list and level list. This software automatically imports contacts from the address book and it has middleware capabilities as well as security & logging features.

3. iBarcoder:

It is specially designed for MAC users. It has two and three-dimensional barcoding facilities. You will get customizable designs, templates, and dimensions with barcode generation. You will also get a high precision on-screen display with this software.

4. Barcode Maker for Mac:

It comes with a watermark if you want to use it for free. It can process more than a hundred images and also supports 2D and 3D barcoding. It can be said as a business inventory software which is capable of creating 20 types of Barcode level.

5. BarCloud:

This is compatible with mobile. It can show inventory barcode matrix, data analysis, various charts, and graphs. The administrator of this software can work for multiple sites. It has a very good feature for the data backup.

6. Aeromium Barcode Maker:

It is a very lightweight software and can generate personalized barcode. This is a Microsoft.net Framework-based application. It has a very minimal requirement to input custom data for generating your customized barcode.

7. Online Barcode Generator:

This is one of the most capable free barcode generators in the world. It can also generate QR codes. It supports 2D symbols as well as point of sales. Users can easily download the EPS, PNG and JPEG images. It is a fast working software.

8. Label Flow:

In this software, you can print one dimensional and two-dimensional barcodes directly. It can print the barcode directly from existing software. It can pull any information from the existing database. Users can link a number of the print.

9. 2P Barcode creator:

2P Barcode creator has the most common one dimensional and two-dimensional barcodes. It has a robust design with a good value. Using this you can track serial numbers and label templates. It supports the thermal barcode printer.

10. Checkmate:

It can the ability to generate 3D barcode and it has custom level designing. The checkmate can track documents and has a rich label template with customizable dimensions. It’s also one of the best barcode generator web applications available on the web.