How to fix Video TDR Failure (atikmpag.sys)

It is a bit frustrating that the computer shows a blue screen error. At the beginning of the Windows, the Blue, Screen of Death, which is also known as the blue screen or BSoD, has given various issues that you will not be able to count out there. The part which is both effective and dangerous of it is the Video TDR Failure.

Such an error occurs when you give a try for the playing of the video file, game, or by doing anything related to the video output on the computer. Other than playing properly, the computer turns into a Screen of blue which shows something with the lines of the error message that says:- VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE(atikmpag.says).

Then after, it gives a restart but such an issue is never fixed on its own.

As it depends on the type of brand that you have of your graphics card, you might have to encounter a different name for the error of this.

  1. If you have the NVIDIA graphics card, then the error appears as sys.
  2. With the Intel graphics card, the error appears as sys.
  3. With the ATI or the AMD graphics card, the error appears as sys.

Meaning of TDR in Windows

TDR stands for Timeout, Detection, and Recovery. It is the component of Windows. Whenever you will get this Error, the Graphics card will stop giving the response and Windows will stop for the fixation of the drive error.

Here in this topic, we will discuss how to do the troubleshooting of the Video TDR Failure in Windows 10.

Causes of the Video TDR Failure

There can be various reasons that may occur for the Video TDR Failure:-

  1. The graphics card problems or with the various other parts of PC.
  2. The Graphics card drivers in outdated forms.
  3. Various applications that are running in the background.
  4. The overclocking of the components.
  5. Issues with the component compatibility.
  6. Overheating of the system.

Remember that such issues are only to cause the Error. Microsoft still has to give solutions to the exact one to such problems or have to provide the fixation in permanent form.

Fixation of the Video TDR Failure Error

It is necessary to fix such an error as it throws the computer into the loop of the reboot. Such a thing will make you in the stoppage of accessing of the files, which will result in harder for troubleshooting.

Method 1: Tweaking of the Settings of Power Management

It can be a possibility that the power settings are making such issues with the PC or the laptop that handles the Graphics of your system.

It is easy for the fixation of the Video TDR Failure through disabling the PCI Express.

Follow the given steps for it:-

Step 1

Search for the Control Panel through the search bar and then open it on your system.

Step 2

Do the changing of the mode of View to the Category.

Step 3

Now visit the Hardware and Sound and then go to the Power Options.

power options on windows

Step 4

Then click on the Change Plan Settings which is next to the plan which you are using currently.

change plan in settings

Step 5

Then click on the link of advanced power settings.

Step 6

Do the expansion of the PCI Express, and then do the turning off of the Link State Power Management in the entire form.

Link State Power Management

Step 7

Click on the Apply button for saving the changes.

Step 8

Give a Restart to your computer and check there if the issues are still there or not.

Method 2: Update and Reinstall the Graphics Drivers

It is to be performed for fixation of the issues with the drivers. Most of the users have reported that through updating and reinstalling the drivers, and mostly, the Graphics driver, the error was no longer there in the system.

Follow the given steps to understand how you can update or can do a reinstallation of the drivers in Windows 10:-

Step 1

Firstly, press and do the holding of the keys of Windows + R on your keyboard. It will open the application of Run on your system.

Step 2

Then type there devmgmt.msc and click on the OK button. It will do the launching of the Device Manager.

Step 3

Then click on the arrow which is next to the Display adapters for the expansion of it.

Step 4

For updating, do right-click on the driver and then do the selection of the Update driver.

display adapter on Windows

Step 5

If you need to do the reinstallation of it, then click on the Uninstall device.

Step 6

After completion of the uninstallation, go to the website of the manufacturer. The quick Google Search of the Graphics card will redirect you to the page of the correct one.

Step 7

Then do the downloading as well as the installing of the latest driver which is compatible with the graphics card.

For better performance give a restart to your computer and do the testing that if the issue still appears or not.

Method 3 : Cleaning of the Components

The overheating of the system is the root cause of the Video TDR Failure. It occurs due to the residue and dirt which builds upon the upward side of the Components on the computer.

When you will clean physically your computer, then you have to see properly each of the things that you perform there. Take a proper check at the Ram sticks, cooling fans, processor, as well as the graphics card of the computer.

Method 4: Replacing the atikmpaq.sys for the users of AMD or ATI

This solution can be accessed only by the users who have the Graphics card of AMD or ATI.

Follow the given steps for it:-

Step 1

Do the checking that if the blue screen shows atikmdag.sys or atikmpag.sys.

Step 2

Do the downloading of the drivers in the latest form for the card through the manufacturer’s page.

Step 3

Now open the file explorer and do the navigation of the Hard disk C,  Windows, and then System 32.

Step 4

After that, open the folder of Drivers and search there for the atikmag.sys and atikmdag.sys.

Step 5

Do the renaming of the file by adding old after the name of the current file.

Step 6

It is necessary to rename the file as the file shows up in the message of blue screen error. The message is to Leave the other file untouched.

Step 7

Now copy and paste the file to the desktop.

Step 8

Search for the  Command Prompt and then open the app there.

Step 9

Type there chdir desktop and then click on the Enter button.

Step 10

It depends on the file that you have renamed. Type the required command and then click on the Enter key.

Step 11

Do the copying of the new atikmdag.sys or the atikmag.sys file through the Desktop in the folder of Drivers that was in System 32.

Step 12

Give a restart to the computer. After a restart, you can check whether the TDR Video Failure is still there or is disappeared.

Final Words

By following the above method you can clear the issue of Video TDR Failure which is from the Blue Screen error. Give a read to this topic and tell us as a comment on it. Also, go for our more topics.