Discord Screen Share No Audio [RESOLVED]

In case if you’re facing an issue while using the Discord app on your Windows PC. According to the Discord users, the issue is “Discord Screen Share No Audio”. Which when you screen share on discord there will be no audio sound. This issue also reported by the Discord Community in 2019.

According to the Discord, this issue is due to some changes in the Google Chrome audio infrastructure, and discord working with chrome to fix this issue as soon as possible. However, until now you can fix the issue on your own without having a hassle.

Google Chrome Quick Fix The Discord ScreenShare

Well, there is a simple solution to fix this issue all you’ve to do is follow below-given step by step guide with screenshots to get rid of no sound on screen sharing on discord.

Step 1:

Firstly, Download the latest update of Google Chrome from Google Search. And install it on your Windows PC.

Step 2 :

Now, Login into your Discord account and start the Screen Sharing. In case if still, you’re not getting the sound on the Chrome browser.

Step 3:

End your screenshare session and refresh the app with Ctrl + R.

Step 4:

Close Google Chrome and then relaunch it. Once Chrome is re-launches it will start playing audio in the web browser before beginning a screenshare session.

Step 5:

Start the Screenshare and try again the step 4.

Try Any Other Web Browser

By following the above steps, you still facing the issue with Google Chrome and cannot get the sound while screen sharing on the discord app. Then you can also try any other you can download and install some of the most popular and Google Chrome alternatives browser. Such as Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge etc.

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