Data Cleaning Apps To Improve PC Performance: Guide

At a point of our using computers, we have encountered lagging or slowing down of our PC. The reason can be a lot of things. Usually, computers always depend on having data and files in well-sorted, organized categories. 

It can not stand a lot of digital clutter to pick through while finding any crucial stuff. But with usage for a long period, they also get cluttered with old installers, cached files, browser data, and other types of digital detritus and results. 

All these things make the machine slower. The only solution you have is to clean your PC. Now the question is how? You do not need to clean your PC manually. There are a number of software and tools available to do that for you. 

Data Cleaning Apps To Improve PC Performance

Yes, there are a lot of options for data cleaning apps when you are thinking about improving PC performance. That does not mean you will pick and take help from any tool. You always need to choose the best one for your PC. 

Otherwise, this application might also become just extra baggage for your computer. That is why we have curated a list of some of the best data cleaning apps for improving the performance of your PC. 

#1 iolo System Mechanic 

It is not a free tool, but you will get a number of options for the subscription purpose as well. The price starts from $39.96. The best part is that this tool is also worth the money you are paying, as it comes with a huge list of features. 

Along with cleaning bloatware and old files, iolo System Mechanic is also capable of repairing damaged aspects of the operating system you are using. In order to speed up your computer, it can tweak system settings and eventually improves the internet browsing speed. 

#2 CCleaner

CCleaner is not at all new in the market of Pc cleaners. It has been there for a considerable amount of years. The reason behind it is obviously its great efficiency in what it does. You can either get the free version or take the paid version by paying $19.95.

The free version of this application will sift through your hard drive and will figure out what is taking up space. Then it will recommend what you should do. With the paid version, your computer will get real-time protection against all those automatic updates and junk files. 

#3 Razer Cortex

Yes, you got that right; Razor is a gaming PC company. Cortex is a free tool by the same company, which is particularly designed for maximizing gaming performance

That does not obviously mean it is incapable of maximizing a work PC, which needs a lot of GPU for getting high-intensity tasks done. 

This tool can automatically adjust settings and also lets manual tweaking of settings, that too to fine-tuning some specific aspects of performance, such as GPU load times and speed. 

#4 Norton Utilities

Now, this one is a premium product for which you need to pay $39.99 per year. With this subscription, you can utilize this app for a lot of things. You can keep the app running in the background in order to keep your PC running smoothly. 

It automatically optimizes resources for different types of tasks. Along with cleaning up tasks when you are not doing anything with your machine, and eventually delete sensitive files very securely. 

#5 AVG TuneUp 

In the industry of antivirus software, AVG is a trusted name. You might have heard about it a lot. Apart from that, the PC data cleansing program of AVG also comes with excellent features as well. 

Apart from the AVG, TuneUp comes with a software sleep mode, which freezes unnecessary applications to free up memory. It also has a built-in software updater that is capable of checking for updates on different types of apps, and after that, it only installs the latest version. 

To Conclude 

Apart from these, you will get a number of tools or applications in the market for data cleaning. However, these are the best ones. You can choose any of these at your convenience. 

You also can try all of them or at least a few of them and then decide which one serves your purpose the most and continue using that one.