Cube Solitaire For Android: How To Play And Is It Legal?

One of the most loved and intense card games is cube solitaire. Thanks to Microsoft, it has been on top of the list for card game lovers ever since it came to the forefront. The game’s popularity and craze made the online gaming platforms swoop it up and give it a makeover fit for the impatient millennial gamers.

Today, you can play cube solitaire android on your mobile devices. It is a simple drag-and-drop card game that won’t take you long to master. The straightforward controls make it easy for every kind of gamer to get the hang of it. While the basic rules are kept the same, slight changes make it more appropriate for online gaming. For instance, online cube solitaire games feature a countdown clock. Each game session lasts for about five minutes, and within this time, players need to score the highest points.

Furthermore, the game is no longer a single-player game. Instead, you can compete with your friends or other real-life online opponents. You can even partake in tournaments to play in a 1VN format to compete with multiple people at once. Whoever scores the highest and dominates the leaderboard is declared the winner.

So, if this has piqued your interest and you are willing to start your journey into the maddening world of cube solitaire, here are a few more things you need to note down.

Cube Solitaire

How To Play Cube Solitaire?

Playing cube solitaire is as easy as learning A, B, C. However, to help you get started, a few pointers are mentioned below.

  • First and foremost, you need to download the game to start playing cube solitaire on your Android device. Then, you have to create an account using your Facebook or Google account. If you don’t wish to link your social accounts, you can create one from scratch. So, next time, you don’t have to go through this process but can sign in and start playing.

  • Second, you have to understand there are several online gaming formats. For instance, you can play the free practice leagues to sharpen your skills. These free games also feature a countdown timer, and you can compete with other real-life online players. But you will not get any cash rewards if you win the game. On the other hand, there are also tournaments and cash battles. These tournaments offer the chance to score the highest and earn real cash prizes. You need to find one that is ongoing and participate in it.

  • Third, it is crucial to learn and remember the game’s rules. A standard deck of cards is used in cube solitaire, and all four suits are in play. The objective is simple: beat your opponent and score the highest. You can score points by solving the deck. You have to move the cards descendingly, and they must be of alternating colors but belong to the same suit.

  • Once you have solved the deck, you can transfer it to the foundation pile and score points. If there’s any empty column during the game, you can only move a King card to occupy it. You can tap on the stockpile and get more cards when you run out of potential moves. If you feel that the deck cannot be solved, you can tap the submit button to end the game early and get timer bonus points.

When you are playing cube solitaire, it helps to know a few game strategies to have a competitive advantage over your opponent.

  • It would be best to start by attacking the larger stacks to expose the hidden cards and improve the number of potential moves.
  • Display piles must never be emptied if you don’t have a King card. Also, when you are placing a King card in an empty column, the card’s color must be chosen wisely. If you select a black King card, ensure you have a red Queen and so on.
  • There’s no need to build ace stacks because once you move cards into those stacks, you might not be able to recover them.
  • Whenever you move cards, ensure that there’s a reason. You need to think about the move carefully and how it affects your future moves.
  • Remember to play many practice games before joining tournaments. You must have excellent skills and experience to beat your opponents.

Playing cube solitaire online and earning money is entirely legal in most states of the USA. However, a few states like AZ, IN, ME, LA, and NV, where the rules aren’t pronounced or defined regarding cash tournaments. People residing in such states where cash games are not enabled can enjoy playing practice games.

For the rest of you, go ahead and participate in tournaments to earn a steady flow of side income with a dash of entertainment. You need to download the game, sharpen your skills and beat your opponents.

Summing Up

Cube solitaire is a game that you know and love. You must have played the game once or heard about it if you use Windows PC. Microsoft had introduced the game, but this card game became a huge hit, and online platforms couldn’t keep their hands off of it. The game is now a multiplayer online game offering cash-winning opportunities to gamers. So, take advantage of this and try to have fun.